The big, the bad and ugly

Now every army needs a leader. From the graceful high elves to thuggish orcs. For my ogres I need a tyrant. GW do 2 great kits, one with a great weapon, one with 2 hand weapons. Expensive yes, but really nice looking models. But for my plans, neither are right. I wanted my army to be different and for it to push my modelling skills. I also wanted the cos t to be low, so it’s conversion time. 

Let’s look at what a tyrant should be. 

  1. Big. I mean really big.
  2. Armoured. 
  3. Different,
  4. Did I say big? 

2 and 3 are easy to convert. 1 and 4, not so much. The ogre kits are simplistic and limited in movement option, but are all interchangeable. So I needed a plan to pull together a model that looks bigger but is really the same size as the rest of the army. To do this I decided on 2 approaches with the hope of tricking the eye. To added height around the model and to fill the frame. 

Weapon wise, both says big better than s great weapon, so that’s easy. I thought I ad also add a few extra knives to bulk him out.


All I needed was some armour and a way to add height. 

Height was always going to be difficult as the model has no way to increase its size. You can add leg length, but you loos the slab sided look of the ogre. I decided on added height to his base and then to add something to his back. Looking at the army book, I noticed that gorefang had a back pole, festooned with trophies. So I nicked that idea to add a back banner. I fell on the idea to use the iron gut banner as it is pretty big. 

So the parts list from ebay

  • A sprue of ogre Bulls
  • Great weapon from the iron guts
  • Mournfang helmeted head
  • Helmet horns
  • Arms for the great weapon from the mournfang kit
  • Back banner from the iron guts
  • 2 iron fist (for armour)
  • Some bits for the belt

I also added an extra head from a bellower for my next project, more on that to follow.


Total cost for this was around £20, but this will cover 2 heroes. 

Building this was a lot harder than planned. To hold the armour on his shoulders I wanted to add some leather straps. This was easy from green stuff, but helped get my eye in with sculpting.


The cris-cross was easy to sculpt and it gave me a way to mount the back pole. Sculpting is not my strong point, but it’s ok on simple task. 

The trouble was on the arms as the gut plate got in the way. I have extended the left arm and this got around the problem. The shoulder pads were planned to be 2 converted iron fists, how ever while looking for an ork iron jaw, I found a deffdread armour plate that was the left shoulder. These shoulder plates squared off the model, thus bulking out the frame. A few bits to waist, some left over horns for the gut plate and done! 


Adding height to the base was another way to add to the model. Sadly, I had so much fun making this I forgot to take some pics! 

So that’s my tyrant. He is taller in apperance but is the same base model. It might not be the gw model, but it is my take on this model. It works well and ranks up ok too. 

I mentioned the 2nd bull on the sprue earlier. This will make my 2nd character, a butcher. I will be fat, bloated and, hopefully, really disgusting . Left hand is easy, but still stuck on his right hand is a problem. He will need a new belly, apron and some detailing.


This is a far more sculpting than I am used to, but will mean I am well on the way towards the all plastic army. Not planning any yeti or gougers, so no problem their. Hunters and Maneaters are easy converts, sabertusk are bit harder. I have no idea yet for the firebelly that I really want to do. 


Sunday review

Well, here is a thing! its been months since my last Sunday review. So, what’s changed? I am trying to get the blog back to a regular thing, and 3 in the last 3 days is a good start. 

So what have been up to and and what’s next?


Well, I have been plugging away with the 13th legion and I can now field over 8,000 pts (And by Just over, i am 2 points over!)

20140830_165045 20140830_165030 20140830_165018 20140823_092548 20140824_195549

Just finished is a Captain on a bike. done more for fun than any other reason, i got the idea stuck in my head for a convesion, so I went for it. I enjoyed the task and i really like him. I have decided to use him to represent Captain Epagus of the 6th Company as denoted by his orange markings. Might have to add some more bike in the future. 


Also finished, at long last are the 10 sternguard. boy these became a chore. I was never happy with the white on the shoulder trim and if am i am not happy, then i tend to put it off. i finally caved in and did something about it. the end result is much better and reflects their status. 



while various projects have been going on, I have been slowly adding hatch options for the 2 Land raiders. now finished are 3 closed and 1 open hatch (as in no option taken), 2 hatches with Stormbolters (one open, one closed) and a Hunter killer. the final option with a Multi-melta is still a WIP.


Taking of WIP, the new Terminator unit started this week. if all works out, then next Sunday, you’ll get to see the finished 5 man Thunder hammer squad. 

20140907_183248 20140904_164044


I have also done scenery of late, and heres some photos of the work. 

20140820_233502 20140820_233451 20140820_233443 20140818_145735 20140818_145728 20140818_205117


well, I played the 1st game of my League ‘group’ stage. The rules for our league are easy. you win, you move up. here is the report from the game 

Next week will see my in a development game against another young league player. I am training him up to improve his game craft, the following week will see me in full game Vs his ‘Nids. 


Sunday update 24/02/14

Not much say this as I have published 5 project gladius posts this week. The build is going well and the dry fit is done! I managed to get some painting done and the interior is coming along well. The 2 crew and the raven pilot all got done as well.

In the hobby world everyone is getting all very excited about the knights, the new kit from gw. Consensus in Is all very positive and this kit harks back to the days of epic. It great to see gw finial pull a massive surprise and let’s hope the great feed back they are getting will spur them on. I hope they will finally stop the one army only per month thing and start to mix it up a bit?

I am very tempted my self, but at £85, I can’t justify one. Yet. I will add one, but I’ll have to wait. I like the idea of a painting project that allowed you to just go wild. This kit and the nature of the houses means I can go anywhere with the colour scheme. That will be fun. I am very tempted to sell off the imperial guard to cover the cost of one!

So, that’s this week In the hobby for me. Next week I hope to get the whole interior finished on the thunderhawk. I’ll take a break from it once this is done and try to get sternguard finished.

Till next week, see you across the battlefield.

Project Gladius 2nd company Thunderhawk

So I am starting to plan for my Thunderhawk. Its currently in a box on the shelf while I panic about the build. Its fair to say that this is not a project for the faint hearted.  Its a massive kit with some huge parts but still has some fine detailed parts and crew. The mould is old now and the quality,  while still good, has had the odd  issue.  The instructions are basic and it has no parts list. The “glass” is a peice of flat thin clear plasticard and you don’t have a mounting point for the stand, which you also don’t get.

Now it would easy to turn this blog in to a whinge.  Easy to complain about  a £400.00 for kit the lacks a stand, parts list…..! But I knew all this before I bought it. I wanted a challenge and at the end will be a fantastic peice.

That is what I hope this blog will show you, My trails and tribulations building and then painting this iconic flyer. I want rhe challenge, I want to break our the power power tools and above all I want to really enjoy this project.

So how to approach this epic task? I think I need to break it up. I have found some great blogs on the task and researched the best way to approach this leviathan. I will therfore try to do it in the following order.

-Write a Parts list!
-Check and clean the full kit.
-Prep the core body and super structure.  This will include the flaps and ailerons.  All the work to mag up the frame will be done at this stage. I want to be able to remove the top to expose the crew. I will dry fit the core of the kit at this stage.
-Drill out the major parys for pinning, mainly the wings and main gun
-Assemble and paint the flight deck. (Inc crew)
-Assemble and paint interal main body
-Prep and assamble ancillary items. (Weapons,  landing gear,  air breaks.)
-External weathering
-Make a stand (possibly 2 for display-I need to angle it into the display cabinet)

Well that seems alot! I think it will need to be broken down.

I think I will do it in small stages and paint other bits in between. I will try to blog each stage as we go. Here are the links to the awesome blogs that I have been reading.

Till then, see you access the battle table!

The big build up.

Ok, I will admit it. I may have a problem. They do say that admitting it is a start, right? In the last few months I have spent some serious money on my ultramarines. I now have a massive task ahead and it’s actually starting to stress me out. I have a simple rule for gaming. “If it’s not painted, it’s not used” I am not a ‘painting nazi’ (a phrase I hate btw) I don’t mind my opponent using unpainted or proxies, it is just I don’t like using unpainted stuff. I play wysiwyg every time and this drives my painting.

Now my problem is such a first world problem. I have over bought and now my painting stack is huge! I need to organise this lot and get some games in. I am expanding the ultramarines and working on my table/scenery as well. i am not a rich man and my local government paycheck does not allow for major purchases on a regular basis, I have been busy on eBay. I have sold lots and I have inherited a bit and my wife let me buy some bits with this as well. Using I saved some cash that I re invested. Suddenly I had loads built up to build and paint. Of late I have added a fireraptor and some wall of martyrs bits. So here is the list and the reasoning.

Wall of martyrs-trenches.
I have 2 bunkers and the encampment already. So I have added the trenches and the will also fit into my christmas list. I have the family for more scenery and the BIG macro cannon kit.

My force already has 6 ‘regular’ terminators. So I have added 15 more. 15 you say I hear you say? Yep, 15. I have bought 10 deathwing knights (2 boxes) and a box of assault terminators. The plan is to add 10 assault terminators, made in the robed bodies of the DW knights. 5 of each weapons option. The stormbolters from the kit also included will be used to make 4 terminators to round off the original squad to 10. The last set of bits will be a terminator librarian.

I love the new sternguard kit so I had to add a full squad. Armed with bolters and the odd combi, but no heavies. The sgt will be armed with a gladius and a mk4 helm, he will scream ultramarine veteran.

Scouts and land speeder storm.
I have added a battle force and this comes with 5 scouts. I have made these with shotguns and added a ls storm to the mix as well.

Tactical squad 4.
I have sold my old tactical squad 4 that were the old AOBR tacticals. A great intro kit but I wanted more. The new squad, from the battle force box will use strenguard bits and I will get some running legs as well to give the different look. The test pieces look great. Armament wise I think heavy bolter and grav gun will work and compliment the current squads well. The sgt will be a vet and have a chainsword. This will give me a cheap sgt to add when facing hordes.

Assault squad/devastator squad.
The 5 man squad will firm the start for the 2nd assault squad for my battle company. I need to arm these with plasma pistols and the sgt will get a power weapon. The last 5 marines in the battle force will be the bubble wrap for my 2nd devastator squad.

I love fliers. They suit my style and they look great. They added the raven to full list this time round and I had to add on. This will be armed with las cannons and it will add some anti armour to my force. Of course all good transports need a cargo.

I have a box of 3 centurions. I know the current trend is for the grav build, but I want assault cents. The hurricane bolters and flamers will make a mess of hordes and the siege drills will kill any tank. If only I had some form of taxi for these slow moving beasts.

I did say I have sold a lot. A few weeks ago I visited Warhammer world and while looking in the hall of miniatures I looked at the 2 monster flyers in the cabinet. That night I made the decision to sell my whole ork force to get one. It’s with great personal pleasure that I have one in the ‘stack’ ready to go. This is a monster kit. The mould is over 10 years old and it has a reputation for being a bugger. But what a challenge! I will not start this until next year. But I will do a daily blog once I start.

So that’s the list. As I said I know I have a problem. I have spent a lot of money. I have a lot of work and at the end of whole project, I will have one hell of a force. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, doing something about it is the second.

I will endeavour to post as I go. First up, the scouts. I have already started these and 2 are done. Full photo blog soon.