The rise of albion- a 40k campaign

Me and a good friend, Lee have talked about a campaign for ages and we are finally getting around to it. Fought between his imperial guard and my skitarii force, our aim is for 6 games culminating at a 10k game at warhammer world. 

Game 1 is a small 500pts game, then each game escalates.  The winner of each came can stipulate the following game. It’s collaborative process with the game more important than the winner.

The plot of our story is a simple one. The once prosperous agricultural world of albion has hit hard times. A calamity damaged a lot of the farm land making it inhospitable.  The ‘dead zone’ has something living in it. The once loyal guard regiment has found a new ally to help the world survive.

Who are they? Did they cause the calamity? Why is the inquisition suddenly intersted? 

Also on the planet is a small number of skitarii who are protecting the admech priests that tend the massive farm machinery.  Who side are they on and will there links to the Ultramarines be needed?

So that is our campaign.  We both have busy lives, so the games will be spaced out. I am growing my army over the year and lee is working on his new ‘allies’

As we progress I am adding new scenary to my collection as well. I have a pump station, church,  macro cannon and sector imparilis to paint up. Each battle will be closer (and more built up) as the fighting gets close to cities.

I’ll be blogging on each game with Lee and I adding background to the armies and planet as we go.

Till then watch the dead zones, something is lurking. 


The trial of the young prince list. 1750pts vs imperial guard.

I am facing a good friend, Lee Bedford tomorrow at Warhammer world. I am trying a new list so here it is. To create my lists I use both battle scribe on android and quartermaster on my iPad. Both are good systems, but the iPad just edges it. Let me know what you think.

Trail of the young Prince (1747pts)
1750pt Necrons 6th Ed (2011) Roster (Primary Detachment)

+ HQ +

* Necron Overlord (Ever-Living, Independent Character, Reanimation Protocols)
Mindshackle Scarabs (15pts) Resurrection Orb (30pts) Sempiternal Weave (15pts), Warscythe (10pts)
* Royal Court (60pts) * Cryptek (25pts) Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols) Harbinger of the Storm (35pts) (Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols) Lightning Field (10pts) Voltaic Staff (Haywire)

+ Elites + (515pts)

* 10x Deathmark (190pts) (Deep Strike, Ethereal Interception, Hunters from Hyperspace, Reanimation Protocols) 10x Synaptic Disintegrator

* 5x Lychguard (225pts) 5x Hyperphase Sword & Dispersion Shield (25pts) * Night Scythe (100pts) (Deep Srike, Invasion Beams, Living Metal, Supersonic) Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)

+ Troops + (312pts)

* 12x Necron Warrior (156pts)
(Reanimation Protocols) 12x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

* 12x Necron Warrior (156pts)
(Reanimation Protocols) 12x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

+ Fast Attack + (435pts)

*5x Canoptek Scarab Base (75pts) (Entropic Strike, Fearless, Swarms)

* 5x Necron Destroyer (200pts) (Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Reanimation Protocols) 5x Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon)

* 4x Necron Destroyer (160pts) (Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Reanimation Protocols) 4x Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon)

+ Heavy Support + (265pts)

* Annihilation Barge (90pts)
(Living Metal, Quantum Shielding)
Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon), Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)

* Doom Scythe (175pts)
(Deep Strike, Living Metal, Supersonic)
Death Ray (Death Ray), Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)