Project Gladius blog 9 armed to the teeth

Next on this long list of tasks was the supporting weapons.


Forward heavy bolters.
These were fairly simple, just clean and assemble. I have decided to attach the mounting kits, but not the weapons or the cowling. The allows for some easier painting. The main ‘spindle’ of the guns was a critical part. You need to cut the core to fit, so be carefull, you make it shorter but not longer!

These guns will be able to pivot and the top scanner in free to move.


Rear heavy bolters
Again these are simple case of clean and assemble. I have not glued them to spindle, so the can be raised or lowered. The assembled units will be attached to wings once painted.


Hellfire missiles
These presented a small challenge. The moulding process leaves the excess resin tag running from the 4 jets. These leaves you with square block on the back of the jets. I have used my multi tool to round up the jets and put a small ‘dimple’ in the centre. This was done on all 6 missiles and I luckily had the right sized bit for process. The end result looks so much better.


The mounting of these is quite clever and they don’t need any magnets or glue to hold them in place. This allows be the chance to remove each missile in game to remind me of how many I have left.

20140420_130119 20140420_130107

The weapon systems took me a while to clean and assemble, but it’s fairly simple stuff.



Project gladius blog 7 interior paint

Time to finally paint some of the thunderhawk! The interior is very detailed, but sadly the design means most of it is hidden. I decided to spend some time painting the while kit, despite the fact most of this work will never be sen other than in the following photos! I went for a grey interior, fairy utilitarian in nature. This scheme will be used on my storm raven as well. I used brass rather than gold for the trim, again to look more ancient but maintained, rather that a holy relic. The paint took a few days but it came out ok, them I re assembled the interior and gluing it to the bottom hull. Next step is the full assembly of the super structure and then filling in any gaps.

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