1500pts necrons vs marines

So today I face an army of codex space marines. This is a leauge game and I am defending my top spot. My opponent is adam smith, who is a good gamer. He plays many games and is a ww2 buff.

Today’s game will be brought to you by the letter C and the colour green.  I am using my C’tan shard.  I have choosen 2 expensive options,  but with a clear plan in mind.


The grand illusion is my opening salvo. This power allows you to change the deployment of D3 units after deployment is finished. It can be used to to put squads into reserve and to pull the out of reserve.  To be very cheesy,  I intend to pull my flyers out of reserve.  If they can kill more than 40pts in the first turn, then the power has paid for its self. With the death ray and 2 Tesla destructors this is relatively easy.

Second power is the infamous gaze of death. I know Adam loves his terminators. This power is used after close combat. Placing a large blast template after combat has been resolved it causes 1 s3 AP1 wound on every model touched.  Every wound caused regenerates a wound on the c’tan shard. At 50 points its the most expensive power, but can kill a lot of heavily armored troops. One trick to note with the C’tan is that as well as being a monstrous creature,  they are also a character so can be challenged.   The plan is to get him into combat with the terminators,  challenge the squad leader. Killing him will be easy with a s7 mc with 4 attacks I4, and then decimate the squad with the GoD.  By challenging they rest of the squad cant attack him!

So that’s the plan for the C’tan.  At a whooping 275 pts he is very pricey, but comes with some serious cheese. Here is the full army list that I am Taking.

Necron Overlord: Phaeron; warscythe; mindshackle scarabs; sempiternal weave; resurrection orb. 215
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of the Storm (lightning field).

C’tan Shard: Grand Illusion; Gaze of Death. 275

12 Necron Warriors 256
• Night Scythe
12 Necron Warriors 156

3 Necron Destroyers: heavy gauss cannon140
3 Necron Destroyers 120
5 Canoptek Scarabs 75

Annihilation Barge: gauss cannon. 90
Doom Scythe 175

1,502 points

I will post a battle report later, until then, see you across the table.


Return of the Star God.

My Necron need something big and after my Blog on the C’tan’s, I thought I would do something Special. I have always loved the K’daai Fireborn and this was my chance. I have never used Warhammer Forge bits so I was very excited. I hope to give you an idea as to how I do this.


Now I always deal with all forgeworld stuff the same way. After checking all the stuff is in the Box, I wash them out in warm soapy water. And then rinse off in cold water. I then cut off the excess and prep the models in the normal way.

After that I need the extra bits. To convert these Chaos Dwarf models into necrons I needed some 40k bits. I have loads of bits left over and my plan simple. The Head needed swapping out and the arms needed some weaponizing. This kit comes in a squad of 3. I wanted each to have a different look, so one would have 2 weapon arms, one would have a larger gun and the last would be all about the Claws.

I will focus on the 2 gun shard for now, but the other 2 are well on the way.

Parts List

1 K’daai Fire Born

2 Tesla Carbine

1 Old Metal Tomb Spider headImage

I started off with the head. I stripped of the Resign head. I trimmed it down with a knife and then I used my Multi tool to carve it out. I then had my chance to try out the Metal insect head. It really did not work, but Plan B was always to try it with a Necron Immortal Head. This looked ok, while a tad small it made him look more like a slave.


ImageI then used a bit of green stuff to sculpt up the flames. Now I am not a good sculptor, but these where quite easy.


Next up the arms,

I cut the Arms off just above the Greaves, taking care not to damage the delicate shoulder pad. Sadly, I managed to damage the shoulder spikes. I trimmed them down and shaped them to be less ‘chaosy’

Now again I attached these and it looked ok, but not a monster, I rummaged around for some blades, I noticed that under the Gauss Blaster was a small cutting blade. As I had 10 of these, I had plenty to play with. To give it gaming strength I needed to pin these. This was a mammoth task. Drilling in to these was very hard and I ended up damaging 4, but I still managed it to pull it together in the end.


With 4 blades on each ‘hand’ I finally had the Look I wanted!


Painting Wise, I wanted to go with my regular Green and bone, with Bronze accents, I soon end up with more brass and I think the overall look was great.

So thats my Necron Shard. I have 2 more to paint and tomorrow I will be trying in battle. i will do a Blog on the battle and i will let you know how it gets on.

Till then see you across the Battle table.

A C’tan shard of Truth?

Looking through the Necron Codex and browsing images on the web, it strikes me that the Necron force has a quite a wide mix of troops, painting styles and conversions possiblites. The one choice that seem to lack variety is the C’tan Shard. Now, don’t get me wrong. The 2 models out there are stunning. But how many Black Night bringers and Golden Deceivers will it take for the gaming community realize its missing a trick? (Well the painters anyway) 

Let’s look at what the C’tan Shards are. After the C’tan conned the necrontyr in giving up the living bodies, they led the newly forged Necrons into battle with old ones. Once they had defeated the old gods, the Necrons, turned and attacked the hated C’tan. Weakened from the fight, they could not destroy them utterly, but they could shatter them. The remaining Fragments are call the Shards of the C’tan. These shards are forced into constructs (and this cool bit for Painters) do the bidding of the overlord. These constructs take on the form of the Star gods, but only have a fraction of their power. Still they star gods and the stats line is impressive. With 11 powers to choose from you can tool these up for all sorts of trickery.

Now I know that game wise there are better uses for your points in the Necron army and I am not going to do a whole tactica thing on these I want to focus on the Models. Let’s break down the basics of the C;tan

1-It’s a star god. No one knows how many C’tan excited, what they all looked like or how many shards there are.

2-The Necrons built the bodies that the C’tan then shaped.

3-They don’t follow the laws of physics. period.

So how does this translate into the model world? We let’s face it, by applying the 3 criteria above you can say that the sky truly is the limit. As long as they are on a 40mm base or larger, anything can go. They can be HP lovecraft nightmare given from or a metal monstrosity held together with bale power. They can float over/through anything; they can shape the universe to their will or entropy whatever they touch. As a modeler you can have whatever you like. How about a large version of the Weeping angels from Dr Who? Now with all the great independent miniature companies out there the possibilities are endless.

For me, I am planning a 3 man ‘squad’ they will have very similar look and feel, but will be armed different equipment. (One will have 2 guns, one will have a hand and the third will have a gun and Scythe) I will be using current Necron parts, but the bodies will be converted up. I will be sticking to my green and bone scheme, but it will be very green heavy.

So that’s my thoughts on the C’tan, Model wise and I am sure once I am gaming with one, I will post a few pics and write up about the powers.

Till then, See you across the table. 

1500 Necron Vs Imperial Guard

So I have fought the Imperial guard again with fledgling Necron Force. We fought this game at the new SHADOW GAMES in Rugby. I fought against Matt Hughes a friend from the Rugby Outlanders Club. This was friendly game with neither of us having fought each other’s army.  For Matt this was also his first experience of the Necrons. While I don’t go for the power gaming list, I did take a wide list, including 2 flyers and my A-Barge.

My List

Overlord with a Cryptek (storm)

10 Deathmarks

24 Warriors in 2 Squads, one in a Night Scythe



5 Scarabs

8 Destroyers

His List (from Memory)

Primus Psyker

20 Vets (carapace)

Battle Psyker Squad

2 Leman Russ

1 Punisher


Scout Sentinel

Guards man Marbo

My plan

I stuck my standard Plan. Its not all that complex.  Blast away with the Destroyers, 12 warriors and the A-Barge. Wait for the Fliers and then disassemble his army. In the Night Scythe is 12 Warriors, the Crypteck and the Lord sweep in drop near to any tanks and blast the crap out of them! Now, the Crypteck with Harbinger of the storm is a great way to kill tanks. His Voltaic staff is an assault 4 Haywire!

Mission, Set up and pre rolls

We rolled for mission and Set up and first turn. The mission was ‘Big Guns never tire’ played as Dawn of War. We both rolled on to the Warlord table, and promptly forget the result. I won the first turn and Set up to in a long line. The A-barge was in the centre, Scarabs and 4 Destroyers to the right.  To left I deployed 12 warriors with the last 4 Destroyers inc the Heavy Destroyer to the far left.

In reply he split his forces. 10 vets and his Battle Psykers took up a centre. With all his tanks, the rest of the Vets and the Primus Psyker.

In reserve was both my Fliers, 10 Deathmarks and for him, it was the Valkyrie, Marbo and his scout Sentinel. He tried to get the first turn, but he failed. Sadly it was not the last dice roll to let him down this game.

Turn one

Turn one was relatively easy for me. I advanced the whole force and Blasted away. End of the turn I saw the death of 10 Guards. In reply it saw him blast away 6 Warriors.  It should be said, the blasted away like mad. The A-barge caught a Manticore blast to the face, losing a single Hull point. All his other shots had little effect. Yet again the A barge proved its strength.  He made a bad mistake when the A-barg hit his Vets to the Left. 3 were killed but when I asked if the Primus Psyker was attached to the Squad, he said No and therefor he took the Arc hits that killed him. I got the Slay the Warlord.

Turn 2

And the Imperial Army Just died. The arrival of the Necron fliers often has this effect. My Necrons all advanced, the Scarabs moved into charge range of the remaining Vets in the centre the Destroyers moved in range as well. The A-barge took up an objective, we rolled ion the mysterious objective and got Skyfire array! Result!!!!! Warriors deployed from the Nightscythe. He was surprised by how quick the Necrons were. By now he was fully engaged in signing up to I hate Matt Ward Clubs. The Destroyers on the Left popped off more shots on the Tanks. The Tank took the brunt of my fliers. The Manticore died as did one of the Leman Russ.  All the Psykers all died by shooting. As did another 8 Vets. In return his Valk turned up. He blasted away at the A-barge. Yet again the thing held on. The Skimmer past its Save for moving. Marbo turned up and killed off the Warriors in the centre of the Board. With Marbo’s arrival the Hunters from Hyperspace arrived and Marked by the Snipers. By now the level of power coming from him was reduced. He tried very hard to kill off the second Warrior squad, but failed.


Turn 3

By now the writing was on the wall, in very big letters. The Valk, the last Leman and all the Vets were dead. Only his Sent and the punisher remained by the end of the Necron 3rd Turn. At this point he decided to throw in the towel.

End of Days

The game ended with a clear Necron domination. The guard army crumbled from turn 2 and it was over to soon. I think I few things lead to this outcome.

1-The Necron Codex is a bit busted. The Fliers, if you are not ready for them, will make such a mess. The deathray is not a well written rule. It too powerful and accurate

2-His List was man light. I was able kill off most of his troops with some ease. To fight Necrons, you need to be able to soak up the fire power. For me, I go with a couple of 40 man squad with the Comm squad 7” away.

3- His tanks are too expensive in a small game. Their death was predictable if you don’t know about necrons.

4-The Tesla is very difficult to fight if you don’t know the rules. You need to be careful with your deployment and keep 7” away.

5- A clear plan will always wins over good idea. My clear plan while writing the list and a solid delivery of the plan allowed me dominate the game. To be fair he was trying out new units and his list reflected this.

Again for me, the man of the Battle goes to the A-Barg. Not only did it survive the game, but it killed the Valk and Battle Psykers.

I am now planning my next game and I have a secret Project to sort out. I am hoping to get something special for the next fight against the Imperial Guard, this time it will be in the Zone mortalis board at Warhammer World.

As always, see you Across the Table soon.

Who leads the Soulless?

When creating a new force, the core force is always the HQ and 2 troop Choices. For me the HQ choices sets the tone for your force and should be the coolest model in any army. Now I could go off on one about the use of named Characters and how I feel they are wrecking the small game, but that would become me whinging and I will try to keep this blog positive.

So, if i am not going to whinge, what is the point of this post I hear you ask? well, the Necron have 2 basic choices for your HQ. They are both fairly similar in options, both have great stats lines and while the Destroyer is clearly the tougher of the 2, the loss of the Royal court marks this a hard choice when selecting your leader. So here are my thought on choices , So first off who are the 2 lords?


As the codex describes them-“Of all the Necron Lords, the Overlord is by far the most powerful and dangerous. At his command are uncountable legions of Necron Warriors, terrifying war machines and a vast array of devastating weaponry that could shatter entire worlds given half the chance. When he marches to war, the Necron Overlord does so with the surety of victory – he has cogitated and calculated every possible outcome in the ensuing conflict and formulated strategies to ensure that everything goes to plan. Only the most unlikely situations can outfox him and only the most potent foes have any chance of beating him in combat. Weapons glance off his armour or simply pass straight through him as he shifts in and out of reality. In return, his own attacks are brutally meticulous as he severs heads, shatters armour and pulverizes his foes with every swing of his ancient blade. Should a Necron Overlord rise to the position of Phaeron, and ruler of an entire sector, then few will have the strength to stand before his might.”

The Overlord is the basic leader. on foot with a good mix of weapons. He has a few options not open to the Destroyer lord, the 2 most important are the Command Barge and the Royal court. These can be game changers. Now I don’t want to get it to the royal court at this time, but they are a major player, the Crypeks in particular are huge in impact games wise.

Destroyer Lord

Again looking at the Codex it describes them as “Destroyer Lords are the most maniacal of their kind. This is chiefly because they retain far more intellect than baseline Destroyers, and can bring all of this fearsome intelligence to bear in their pursuit of galactic conquests. Destroyer Lords remain worthy of mention as something truly horrific. Where others kill for pleasure, or in service to some malignant god, Destroyer Lords pursue their bloody crusade simply because it is their chosen course.”

Now the big difference other than the Stats line boost, the big change is that they are Jump troops. This gives you a major Boost speed wise Its worth mentioning that this also makes them Bulky troops, only an issue if you plan on using Nightscythes as a transport. The other major bonus is that they hate everything. This allows you to re roll any 1 to hit AND to wound. With a s7 warsythe, this means wounding on 2s the norm and you can re roll1s. The odds are really stacked in your favour.


Now you get nice of weapons and both get a similar list, however we all end up with the same weapon. Bit lets look at the options.

Staff of light

the basic weapon of the overlords and free exchange of the destroyer. its a ranged weapon, S5 Assault 3 but is AP 3, so its great to pop the odd power Armour wearing model.

Hyperphase sword

Just a long name for a power weapon. And no, its not a poweraxe. (They have FAQ’d it) so its an S5 ap3 weapon.

Void blade

a basic weapon but gains ectopic strike and rending, Not a bad choice, but as the warsythe is AP1 with Armourbane, its just out classed. Neither lord has enough attacks to make this an army killer but it can be fun.

Gauntlet of Fire

Now here an odd choice. it gives your lord a flamer and an AP5 melee weapon.


at a mere 10pts for the overlord and the standard weapon on the destroyer this is by far the best weapon in the list. At +2 to strength and ap1 its a character killer. With armour bane its a tank killer as well. They other choices pale in comparison to the warsythe and I don’t know any lords that would go to war with out one. Its a no brainer.


Res orb

Again another must have. it upgrades your res roll to 4+ if you using him alone or with Cryptek units then don’t bother and don’t forget that while on the Barge, you can’t use it.(you can’t attach to a unit if your in a dedicated transport.) otherwise, this is a key piece of wargear.


Only Available to the Overlord, This Upgrade make the him and his unit relentless. now, changes to the 6th ed has made this less .effective and a costly choice. normal. I won’t even look at this, however there are 2 good uses.

1-Attach him to unit of Wraiths with Transdimtional beamers and you can move and fire them.

2- If your gonna be very aggressive Then Put him and a unit Immortals/Warriors into a Nightscythe. you can move 36″. Get out and still fire normally! Hows that for a scoring unit?

Phase shifter

Again Overlord only, but its 4+ inv save. Its expensive, but a must if you facing lots of AP2 weapons.


a nice little way to use up your last few points. this helps if you ‘die’ but not a game changer but still not bad.

Sempiternal Wave.

In 6th Ed, this is a no brainer. makes all those great Power weapons useless.

Tesseract Labyrthinth

This is a great little trick and at 20 points, its worth a go. one use only this is an exile weapon. it does not kill its target, it ‘removes them from play’ so NO saves of any kind and eternal warrior does not stop it. the test is against the remaining wound, but it can be used on Monstrous Creatures. a nice little surprise.

Tachyon Arrow

This 30pts item gives you a one shot s10 AP 1 weapon! range, infinite! a nice way to pop the stray tank?

Mindshackle Scarabs

My favorite choice. its a nice trick that is a must when facing close combat units. the ability to take control of the opponents lord is great. the look on the face of your opponent is worth the points alone. for those that don’t know, in combat 3d6 vs Leadership if you loose, then the Necron player controls your Model. I always Challenge as this has a number of benifits. First, you get to make the Opponent attack himself, which is fun, but you also don’t get struck back and you’re not to worried by your dismal initiative.


For the overlord you get 3 possible options as a transport. The destroyor lord can use the nightsycthe if you join him to a unit with one. He can’t use the other 2!

Command barge

It’s option turns your lord in to a hunter/tactical reserve. Raging across the table using hit and run attacks.


Now, lets start this right, necron flyers are a bit good. The. Do scythe is over the top and the death ray is broken. Doesn’t stop me using it, but yes, I know it’s broken. The night scythe is better and is great transport. The invasion beam is the best delivery system and is the fastest deployment tool in the game other than deep striking.

My preferred tactic is to mount my lychguard, a cryptech and an overlord in a night scythe. Dump them behind the enemy and make them turn to face them. Then the gun line shoots them in the back. They are very tough and can survive the attention. If they get ignored, then your opponent will pay the price. It’s hard to stop this attack and by using the doom scythe as well all the AA gets thrown at that first, then, to late they realise the danger.

Resurrection arc

On the surface this seem a great transport unit for a lord, however, you can only transport 10 models and the regeneration rolls can take the squad size above its original size. Due to this, it is best attached to big unit, rather than by put 9 warriors and you overlord in as a transport. As its 10pts more than the night scythe, just go with the that instead. Nothing wrong with a large units, over lord and arc slowly marching Across the board. With a res orb, they would be very hard to destroy and would be a great scoring unit. However, you can use a Lord as well, saving your lord for more dangerous roles.


And the winner is……. Well its mot that simple. Both are great and both will make a mess. They are very similar and you can’t really go wrong with either. For me the Royal court is the decider. If you want be sneaky then the overlord is the only way to go.My list will flick between both and it will affect my choices on the rest of the list. The only constant is wargear. It’s a no brainer. War scythe, mind shackles scarabs, res orb and weave every time.  If their are points left, then I will try some of the fun Items.

Arise My Pretties!

Many of you know I have chipping away at a new army. Let take me this chance to talk about how I paint my armies. For those who don’t know I a painting Necrons.  This is the 12th army I have painted, so I know a thing or two about assembling armies. I hope to share some secrets and talk you through my new army. I am not a great painter and I don’t do the whole Golden daemon thing, but I believe that you should always paint you forces and that it adds to the hobby. I always aim to make the force coherent and try to add the personal touch to an army. I think this hobby is great because of the Freedom to express your artistic nature, while still representing the forces you choose.

So first off, why Necrons? There are loads of reasons to choose a new force, but the core has to be that you like the models. After all you’re going to paint them! I have been working on my Ultramarines on and off for over 3 years and I have around 5000pts finished, so I wanted to go for something that was both not in power armour and not from the imperium. When starting a new force,  try to consider what your regular opponent plays. I have regular games Vs Space marines and I have fought Dark elder a lot of late, so I want to find something new. After trawling through the White dwarf, twitter and the Web, I decide to give Necrons a go. I had always planned to paint a purple army and this was my chance. Now the observant of you looking at my pics will notice a striking White army and not the aforementioned Purple Force. A funny thing happened on the way to painting this force and I ended up with the White scheme.

This army is a striking force to look at. I have avoided the GW schemes this time and in another blog, I will repost my thoughts on Painting Ultramarines, but for now let’s just say that it can be a real challenge to paint a known force, but the freedom of  your own force is fun to.

Now my regular opponent had a small Necron Force and for a good price offered to sell them to me.  I had a plan for a force nothing like the one he had, but I thought it was worth a go and when I saw the destroyers, I changed my ideas. I ended up with a core of 24 Warriors, some Scarabs, some old Metal Tomb spiders and Wraiths. I also got a shed load of destroyers (11 in total) this lead me to design a list based around the destroyer curse. I formulated the idea of what my force was based on this principle and the Court of the Fallen king was born! The back story of my force is the falling of the King Azmek. Taking a hit to the Ankh on his chest from a space marine bolter, his regeneration circuits failed to regenerate this minor damage and the loss of his scared symbol drove him mad, he adapted his body and became a destroyer lord. While not the normal path of the Destroyer curse it adds depth to the army. You will notice that the Ankh on his Chest does show the damage. His replacement was his lieutenant, Mazdka, now known as the Young Prince. He has taken full advantage of the madness of the King is now the Power behind the Throne.

In game terms  if I am Playing a destroyer force, then the King leads them with the big killy things (a-barge, D-arc and So on) get used, if the Price is leading, then a balanced infantry heavy list is used.

The paint scheme was pure trial and error. I tried a Purple and gold test piece, using a Stippling Brush. My aim was to get a living surface, similar to the Vorlons from B5. While it was ok, I did not like it, so I tried using Denhb Stone. To contrast against this, I used Brassy Brass. A heavy wash of Earthshade over the Brass gave it depth. The green contrasted well against the Bone look and the Scheme is set. I have never been a huge fan of the green rod and as none of the new range use it, I decided to paint then so I can pull the army together as it grew.

My recipe for the Bone white is very simple.

  1. Airbrush a basecoat of Denhb Stone (now called Ralkath Flesh)
  2. A thin wash of earthshade into the deep Crevasses
  3. Tidy up with a thinned coat of the basecoat
  4. Mix the Basecoat with a bit of White (4:1) and water it down this is applied along the edges in stips about 3mm wide
  5. Add more white to make it 50/50 mix, again keep it thin. This is painted on in strips around 1 or 2 mm (that’s about the width of a detail brush)
  6. More white to make it 4/1 (nearly pure white) and edge highlight
  7. Using pure white, hi-light the corner edging and points of interest

That’s it. I can crank out this in about 30 mins and an infantry model.  The Vehicles are a similar, just with a few more levels of hi-lights.

I will some ideas on my Green in another post.

So, that’s how I ended up with a Necron Army. I have started gaming with them and I am built up an idea of how the work. They are fun to use and I have has some successes. (Ok, they have won every game) they are not the most balanced of forces and the rules tend to favour them. I am not aiming for a power list, but trying to build a fluff based army. I have a good mix of troops and I am just having fun with these.

My full list so far is

The fallen King-A destroyer Lord

The Young prince-Overlord with a lord and Cryptek

5 Lychguard

10 deathmarks

24 Warriors

5 Scarabs

11 destroyers (1 heavy)

1 annihilation Barge

1 Doomsday Barge

1 Night Scythe

1 Doom scythe

That’s the full list so far, but I have 24 warriors and 20 Scarabs still to paint.

After that I have a cunning plan for something a bit special, but that is a secret for now. I also have a forge world kit that needs some blue paint.

See you all from across the Table.Image

The trial of the young prince list. 1750pts vs imperial guard.

I am facing a good friend, Lee Bedford tomorrow at Warhammer world. I am trying a new list so here it is. To create my lists I use both battle scribe on android and quartermaster on my iPad. Both are good systems, but the iPad just edges it. Let me know what you think.

Trail of the young Prince (1747pts)
1750pt Necrons 6th Ed (2011) Roster (Primary Detachment)

+ HQ +

* Necron Overlord (Ever-Living, Independent Character, Reanimation Protocols)
Mindshackle Scarabs (15pts) Resurrection Orb (30pts) Sempiternal Weave (15pts), Warscythe (10pts)
* Royal Court (60pts) * Cryptek (25pts) Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols) Harbinger of the Storm (35pts) (Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols) Lightning Field (10pts) Voltaic Staff (Haywire)

+ Elites + (515pts)

* 10x Deathmark (190pts) (Deep Strike, Ethereal Interception, Hunters from Hyperspace, Reanimation Protocols) 10x Synaptic Disintegrator

* 5x Lychguard (225pts) 5x Hyperphase Sword & Dispersion Shield (25pts) * Night Scythe (100pts) (Deep Srike, Invasion Beams, Living Metal, Supersonic) Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)

+ Troops + (312pts)

* 12x Necron Warrior (156pts)
(Reanimation Protocols) 12x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

* 12x Necron Warrior (156pts)
(Reanimation Protocols) 12x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

+ Fast Attack + (435pts)

*5x Canoptek Scarab Base (75pts) (Entropic Strike, Fearless, Swarms)

* 5x Necron Destroyer (200pts) (Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Reanimation Protocols) 5x Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon)

* 4x Necron Destroyer (160pts) (Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Reanimation Protocols) 4x Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon)

+ Heavy Support + (265pts)

* Annihilation Barge (90pts)
(Living Metal, Quantum Shielding)
Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon), Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)

* Doom Scythe (175pts)
(Deep Strike, Living Metal, Supersonic)
Death Ray (Death Ray), Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)