Sunday review

Well, here is a thing! its been months since my last Sunday review. So, what’s changed? I am trying to get the blog back to a regular thing, and 3 in the last 3 days is a good start. 

So what have been up to and and what’s next?


Well, I have been plugging away with the 13th legion and I can now field over 8,000 pts (And by Just over, i am 2 points over!)

20140830_165045 20140830_165030 20140830_165018 20140823_092548 20140824_195549

Just finished is a Captain on a bike. done more for fun than any other reason, i got the idea stuck in my head for a convesion, so I went for it. I enjoyed the task and i really like him. I have decided to use him to represent Captain Epagus of the 6th Company as denoted by his orange markings. Might have to add some more bike in the future. 


Also finished, at long last are the 10 sternguard. boy these became a chore. I was never happy with the white on the shoulder trim and if am i am not happy, then i tend to put it off. i finally caved in and did something about it. the end result is much better and reflects their status. 



while various projects have been going on, I have been slowly adding hatch options for the 2 Land raiders. now finished are 3 closed and 1 open hatch (as in no option taken), 2 hatches with Stormbolters (one open, one closed) and a Hunter killer. the final option with a Multi-melta is still a WIP.


Taking of WIP, the new Terminator unit started this week. if all works out, then next Sunday, you’ll get to see the finished 5 man Thunder hammer squad. 

20140907_183248 20140904_164044


I have also done scenery of late, and heres some photos of the work. 

20140820_233502 20140820_233451 20140820_233443 20140818_145735 20140818_145728 20140818_205117


well, I played the 1st game of my League ‘group’ stage. The rules for our league are easy. you win, you move up. here is the report from the game 

Next week will see my in a development game against another young league player. I am training him up to improve his game craft, the following week will see me in full game Vs his ‘Nids. 



Killteam 2013

So today was the 1st Killteam tournament at the Rugby Outlanders. 10 players, 200pts each, 9 games and pile of Junk food. (not a derisory comment, it was good food, just less than healthy!) The tournament was a simple Killteam event, small, fast and fun. I did Blog on new Wraith squad earlier,  so check out my team later! We had great mix of both abilities and forces, so great shocks and some cunning plans, just as you’d expect from this format. Rather than do a game by game,  I’ll talk you through the hi’s and Lows of the day.

The 5 shades read for War!

The 5 shades read for War!

Venue, Organisation, food and the team. 

We play at the St Andrews church hall in Rugby, Warwickshire.  Massive thanks to Adam Smith who always sorts the hall out with locking and unlocking.  He’s a true trooper! Simon Trammer is our Club bigwig. He is just great and he puts in lots of effort. Every clubs needs an Adam and a Simon. The core reason we work so well is due to the efforts  of  these 2.  If your club does not have either of these, then Man up and take the ROLE! The venue is always OK, even if the Curtain did fall off all on its own. we had 5 tables each with a ROB 4 X 4 setup, mixed scenery and we all got to play on all the tables so it was very fair.

The Food was great, all included in the Price and plenty of drinks were on hand all day. The event was organised and well planned and they even managed to bounce through the last minuet changes!

Killteam at St Andrews

Killteam at St Andrews

The forces List (from Memory)

Chosen CSM (khorne) with 2 Spawn-A small force with some good variety. Ellis  had taken a balanced approach and I liked his ideas.

CSM Raptor force (with 3 Plasma Pistols) Darren had gone all out Khorne! he chose a rock hard assault force, but with some fire power in there too.

Dark Eldar-(boo-hiss)-Played by my old nemesis Norbert. He is great play and great person, but man these looked like a Challenge. his Dancing reaver bikes made him lethal!

Blood angels-Kasim pulled a SHOCKER. a single Librarian Dread!!! tough as hell!

Tau-2 Suits and 4 Path finders. not an army I was confident in killing! Ben had done a bang up Job on the Painting!

CSM Plague marines-7  (oh Yes, someone remembered!) with a mix of Weapons. Eddie had done a great job converting these!

Eldar-Phil had a great mix of Rangers and Harlequin. should do OK.

Space Marine– Adam took 3 bikes and 5 scouts, could be a close game, but the Sniper could cause me a headache. 36 range just makes them campers.

Space Wolf-the combat master had a lot of grey hunters. a nice force! 2 wolfen turn up in with them, so they had a close in Punch, but it was the 2 melta that had me worried.

Necron-Me and my 5 wraith conversions. a Close combat Necron army with only 1 gun? It will never work!

The Games.

Played over a 4 x 4 with mixed terrain these game would be played over 30 mins. we played the scenario below.

Following a sub-space ambush a friendly craft has crashed scattering it’s highly sensitive data and cargo across a wide area…it’s up to you and your team to reclaim it before opposing forces can steal away the technology for themselves. The enemy must be held back at all costs. As time is of the essence, small teams have been despatched to claim the precious cargo…..make sure it’s your team who are victorious!

the Shades prepare to strike!

the Shades prepare to strike!

Split the table into four quarters and roll off to determine who chooses which quarter to deploy in. The player who loses the roll of will deploy in the opposite quarter. All forces must deploy at least 9” from the table centre. Neither player may use reserves – models that normally enter play from reserves are deployed immediately (within your standard deployment area). Flyers are prohibited.

A game in Full flow. Kill team at St Andrews.

A game in Full flow. Kill team at St Andrews.

Place one Objective marker in the middle of the board. Place another objective into the mid-point of each of the remaining empty table quarters. These three objectives are now the PRIMARY objectives and represent data/cargo caches. (from the Battle missions Book) Scoring looked simple but soon became a tad confusing until we sorted it all out! you got a potential of around 31 points for ‘tableing’ your opponent and then a sliding scale down. This put the maximum of around 270 ish for full marks, over the Tournament.

The Space wolves Hide from the Approaching Necrons

The Space wolves Hide from the Approaching Necrons

We got to have 9 games over the day, swapping tables each time. When we placed the objectives, the central point of the table became the focus of Deployment. In deployment, all force can deploy “at least 9” from the table centre” This simple rule was the Architect of what was to come!

8 of the games had a similar feel with the 2 force 18″ apart. with some troops holding back to provide cover fire. What most people missed was the simple fact my average movement including assault was 19″. so some if not all my troops would be in range from the start!

so how did I get on? well due the deployment I was in combat quick, little shooting to harm me, but I did take few wounds. Only the The Wolves and the dark eldar avoided this trap to varying degrees of success. most the games went the same way. lots of close combat, lots of wounds with the Necron Wraith standing tall at the end.  I picked up alot of points and tabled all bar Norbert. the scoring said that if you tabled the Opponent you get all 3 Objectives as they can’t be contested. so I picked up 30 odd points in 8 of the games!


Some of the hi-lights for me were

-The massed scrap vs Kasim and the Dread! only rending hit would harm it and do you think I could roll a six. in true kill team style,  My lead killed it in the end, but he took out 3 wraith! The 3++ saves were a life saver.

-Taking on the Spawn in centre of the table. the 3 wounds, FNP and high S/T made it a real Scrap.

-I always enjoy fighting Adam, he bring such enthusiasm to the Hobby.

-My apprehension of facing the Harlequins, having not fought them, I expected a slog.

-The Game VS Norbert was Hyped as the decider and while it turn out not to be, it was still great!

-The Last game Vs Ben and his Tau, not knowing what the maths were like! I had just score high and Hope! Simon in his cunning way had built Ben’s role up as the King Maker!

I really should Talk about the dark eldar! Norbert is a great player and He did a great job planning his team. he had a plan and he was going to stick to it. I expected no less and when the shouting had died out all the Necron lay dead. he used the Bikes abilities to perfection his control of his force was perfect and you can see why he is the League leader in or weekly competition and was Last years winner. for his planning, however annoying, he deserved to win. He got 30 points to my 2!


Well In short I won! I was really pleased and it has made my day. today was about having fun and really enjoying the day, but a good dose of victory, dose always raise the spirits!  I hoped to win and my Necron have a fearsome reputation, but I did not expect to win.  Norbert got a close second. My final points hall was over 240! I won a £20.00 scoring looked simple but soon became a tad confusing until we sorted it all out! you got a potetial of around 31 points for ‘tableing’ your opponent and then a sliding scale down. This put the maximum of around 270 ish for full marks, over the Tournament. Voucher for our local store, Joto Hobbies, so I am so Pleased!

I was also Voted the Best kill team. this was a real pleasure as its the fantastic members of the Club that Voted! I was very please to win this and I won the Bugmans 2012 model for my efforts! I plan to use this in the painting comp this year to show my respect for the club members! While I am please with the votes, I loved Bens Tau.  He got the Grey looking so crisp!

Norberts Team

Norberts Team

Eddies Plauge killteam

Eddies Plague kill-team

Ben's Tau Killteam

Ben’s Tau Killteam

We also had ‘best opponent’ that was taken by Darren. he is new member and really great to play against.  He is a deserving winner and I look forward to a full sized game against him!

The tournament was close across the board and the Wooden spoon came down to 1 point!

All in, it was such a great day and I really loved the event. next up is the Autumn 2 day 40K event! Time for a Curve Ball?

Until then see you across the Table.