Project TWV-Tyrannic war vets

With the release of the new forge world kits for the ultramarine so, I am planning a project. I really like the tyrannic war vet models, but a squad of ten you end up with a lot of similar models. So I want to make up a unit of these models that is unique and varied, but also really challenges my skill.

The plan is simple, the delivery however will be complex and difficult.


To make these models I need to mix plastic and forgeworld. So here is my component list

  1. Head- mk4 preator upgrade
  2. Torso-mk4 preator upgrade
  3. Legs-sterngurd legs
  4. Arms-mixed sternguard and tactical squad
  5. Shoulder left-plain plastic basic pad (to take tyranid bits)
  6. Shoulder right-mk3 ultramarine from forgeworld
  7. Weapon-sternguard bolters
  8. Trim-Phobos bolt pistols and pouches
  9. Trophies-various tyranid bits
  10. Chains-1mm fine chain


My plan is to build them mixing FW ultramarine kits with plastic sternguard kits. The arms arms are mixed from sternguard and the plastic. A couple of the tactical arms are held in great firing pose and I wanted to use these.

To really ‘tyranid’ them up I want to add some trophies. This will be a mix of tyranid parts on the bases (32mm) and personal trophies on the shoulders/guns and backpacks. I want these to be subtle and not massive parts, so things like claws, armour plates and bio upgrades will be used. The sgt will have a larger part, maybe even a head?  To attach these parts I an using a fine (1mm) chain. I am not used to using this and it will be a challenge to accomplish this and I need to be careful not end up looking like a chaos marine. I need to keep them clean and use plenty of purity seals. They will be finished off I will use the veteran assault decals from the ultramarine legion transfers.


The bases will be 32mm with a built up cork base and use the ‘nid parts to dress them. I might try to use some hormagaunt claws as the beginnings of tyranid spore towers growing out of the base.


So thats my next big project. I have most of the bits now, some bought, some from the bits box. I am waiting for the forgeworld parts. This project is going to a great fun to build and I need to learn some new skill. The chain work will be great fun to learn. Making the trophies will also be a challenge to keep the clean.


Deredeo a review of the model

I have managed to get me a Deredeo class dread. It will most likely be to only big forgeworld purchase till HH book 5-tempest . I wish I could afford more, but this stuff is expensive and this a one off!


So what’s this new model like? 


You have to by this bad boy in 3 parts. The body, arms and missiles. In game you have to buy the missile system as an upgrade. In reality however, this. Is not an option, the mounting of the missile pod is a large round plug. You don’t get a blanking cap so with out the missiles, you are left with an incomplete kit.

The body is very similar to contemptor kit. Especially the legs. They all assemble in the same fashion with separate knee pads, feet and are just as possible.


The arm weapons come in a pack and we have already seen the plasma options coming soon. I’d expect a lot more weapons and new top weapons too. The kit lends its self to magnetising if you so wish. It is a simple kit with only the secondary weapon options. Instructions are as basic as you’d expect from fw.




On the whole it’s ok, as you’d expect from a new kit. I have found some areas of misalignment, one of which (on the cooling fin of the autocannons) is un repairable. It’s fairly hidden so I am not fussed.

Most is crisp and little cleaning was needed. The cleaning process was not a big task. The rear of one leg armour plate took some filling and I found 2 air bubbles. Anyone used to working with FW kits would not struggle with this kit. 



Now, this for me is the Achilles heel of the kit. The legs are very pose able, the waist joint is fairly good, but from the waist up, nothing! The nature of the arms and the big ammo feed and hopper mean you get very little without a lot of work. To realign the arms, you are going to want heat and bend the ammo feed. This will not be for the feint hearted. I think we will see a lot of the same pose with lots of different leg settings.

This lets the kit down after the flex ablity of the contemptor arms, but the pose for an aa unit is ok. The nature of kit and the ammo set up meant they had little option. Just don’t expect many conversions! 

I think this will become a marmite kit. Some will love it, some will gate it. Ultimately, it’s the on battlefield results that will make this a popular kit. It will never be as ubiquitous as the contemptor. The fact it’s a ‘relic’ mean most players will run them singular. And when faced with both the fire raptor or siciran relics, the decision to to take a Deredeo will ultimately fall down on the opponent. Vs lots of wave serpents, venom and fliers, I think it will be a popular choice. Vs marines the raptor wins hands down. Well I think that needs testing.

I like this kit, but I think it will ultimately become a painters kits over a regular gaming unit, but we will see.

Till then, I have some painting to do, see you across the battle field.

Sunday update 020314

It’s been quite a week at work so work on project gladius has been slow. Need to start off by say a huge well done to lee, (@ratinabun on twitter) his Lego iron maiden went supernova on miniature monad this week with over 1200 re tweets! Madness I tell you. His project is film some ‘live’ maiden tracks using stop motion on a fully working stage. The guy is a slightly mad genius.

For project gladius, my thunderhawk, I have managed to finish the cockpit completely now and the top roof is done. Work has stared on the inside of the main body, with the nose section walls done.

Also completed is the landing gear assembly and this turned it to a total pain. I could not get the thing level and, being very slightly anal about these thing, this took me a while to fix.

I got some work done on the pilots as well, but these need to be finished. I have ordered the acrylic rod for the base, but I am still thinking about the main body of the base. It needs to be really strong, but I want it to be clean. This is taking some planning and any ideas are greatly appricated.

On the hobby front of course is the realise yesterday of the knights and the announcement of the codex: imperial knights. I caved in and I have ordered 2 of these beasts and the codex. To do this I have sold my imperial guard. This army was on the shelf and not getting any love. If I still had it when the codex is released, you know I would slide off target.

I have decided to try the airbrush out on the knights and using k’oosh from Babylon 5 as the core of an idea, house verdan’s core house colours will be a mottled green. I am also going to base the metal using Vallejo airbrush paint. (Gun) this is a new challenge for me and I have bought a couple of Vallejo air paints to play with.

So, that’s me for the week. I have spent enough this month already and I have more to paint. I will try to finish the interior of the thunderhawk this week, but then I will do the 2 knights. I am planning on doing both at the same time, to help me them match. What could possibly go wrong?

Till next week, see you across the battle field.



Sunday 090214

Wow, it’s February already! My big build continues. Since last week I have had yet another change in plans. While it was my intention to get on with the sternguard, I have needed to get others done instead. Why? Well for once I have a good reason. I have a game coming up next Saturday, 15th February against lee Bedford, other wise known as @ratinabun on twitter.

Our game is 1500pts of 40k. His 1st Albion imperial guard will met the ultramarines, but not the 2nd company, but a new list form, a surgical strike team. Our games are always fun, and while I love to play anyone at 40k, I really look forward to games with lee. We have been friends for many years and we always have great games. They are always friendly and we both like to throw new things into the game. Though friendly, we are both competitive and want to win.

So I created a new lis that only 1 of my regular units in. The other 7 units are things I’d normally use as additional options rather than base a list around them. Sadly 1unit needs to be painted. I’d never use unpainted against lee. I’ll blog out the list next week along with a battle report. I know that he is painting new units and I believe this includes a unit of ogryn! I never, in 20+ years of gaming, faced these brutes, so this will be great fun! Also this week I assembled 2 other squads.

Unit 1- terminators.
I planned to use a full squad of 10 terminators, possibly broken into combat squads. With a heavy flamer and assault cannon, they should be able to make a mess of Lees big guard blob unit. I have had to paint up the last 4 terminators from thus squad. Made using regular marine and deathwing bits. I had bought 2 boxes of deathwing terminators and 1 box of assault terminators. Combining the 3 boxes I have 10 ornate assault terminators, 5 with thunder hammers, 5 with claws, a term librarian and 4 assault terminators.

The other 6 regular terminator were from the assault on black ride set. I was not overly happy with the sergeant he felt stiff and stilted, so I decide to repaint him. I replaced the arms and banner with new parts and I have added the cape from the deathwing terminators. I am really pleased with this now. The other 5 will be reprinted to give a coherent looking unit. This will be a stretch to get them done, but worth it. So far I have painted 5 of the 10. All will to be based and I can see me having a mad rush on Friday night to finish them off.



Whilst waiting for various bits to dry, I have assembled 2 other units, assault squad 2 and tactical squad 4. I needed some bots from eBay to finish both of these off and they arrived in the week.

assault marines
I only have 10 finished assault marines, squad 7 of 2nd company and I have assembled 1st half of the 2nd company assault squad. The new unit, squad 8, will be 10 strong in time, but for now, I only have the 1st 5. I made this unit using the standard box set, but added a few bits from the new veteran box sets, to add some varity.

I had used the legs from this kit on tactical squad 4, giving them a running pose. I added the legs from the vanguard box set and the crest from the sternguard to make the sergeant for this squad. It gives him an action pose that I quite like. Also in the unit are 2 plasma pistols. The new codex allow you to upgrade 2 marine to either flamer or plasma pistols, not, as in the older codex, 1 for every 5 marines. This means you can take 2 upgrades in a 5 man squads. Squad 7 has 2 flamers, so it made sense to have 2 plasma pistols.




Tactical squad 4
Squad 4 is one the 6 tactical squads in the battle company and I had the tactical squad to use to create them. I decided to make this squad look like they were running. To achieve this I used assault marine legs. The 1st half was done awhile ago, but the 2nd set of legs arrived so I got them assembled this week. I’ll talk more about these while I paint them soon.

So, that was last week. What’s next you ask? Well, I I’d answer, but knowing me it will change any way. I need to focus on the terminators and that is the goal. Next Saturday will be our game, so keep em peeled for the live tweet #battrep from us both and until the! see you all across the battle table.

2013 gaming review-what a year!

So 2013 draws to a close a it time to look back on what I got up to over year. I will try to pick out the bits that will have some thing to learn from, but it has been a great year in the hobby

1st quater-January to March

The year started badly with my loss to Norbert in the league final. It was last game with my marines in the league and after about 10 games he had finally worked them out. He deserved to win the trophy but 2013 would be my year (or not as it turned out).

It was around this time that I, with the support of the club, applied for a ‘play grant’ from our local council. Designed to promote club activity, this grant usually gets allocated to football clubs and other sports. This was the first time that any gaming club had asked for some money. We were awarded around £600.00 and we used this to grow our club. We purchased 2 realm of battle sets, lots of scenery and the 2 core sets. The idea is that if you turn up at our club, we will be able to teach you to play either core game. We held an event to paint the stuff up and had an open door painting session were 10 club members turned up help paint the boards.

New gameboards

New gameboards

Our clubs annual painting competition went well an I picked up 1st in the other section for my samurai guinea pig. I didn’t win the main prize, which was best in show, but simon trammer deservingly won for his ork storm boy. As Simon had organised the event, he refused to accept the prize of a battle force of his choosing. This was raffled off and I won! This gave me a necron battle force to add to my league army.

The rise of the Necron

I started using my necrons as my league force. This was a choice as the marines had dominated the league last year and I wanted to try something completely test games had gone well, but I was not really prepared for how effective the soulless metal hulks would be. My basic list was 2x 12 warriors, a-barge, doomscythe, nightscythe, lord and cryptech. This left around 500 pts to experiment with. I tried deathmarks, C’tan, destroyed, scarabs and spiders over the year, but it was wraith and tesseract arc that really struck a cord. You’ll find lots of blogs about the necron over the year, have look.


2nd quarter April-June

By now my necrons had a reputation and I was sitting pretty in the league. May saw my 40th birthday and I planned a trip to Warhammer world to spend my birthday money. A strange quirk of fate left me with £400.00 to spend, so I had my heart set on a warhound titian! After a lots of thought however, I changed my mind. Instead I went for the realm of battle and some forgeworld goodness. I added the tesseract arc, the fall of Orpheus and the necron citadel tile. It was great day with the family and it was such fun to spend big like that, I don’t normally get to spend that kind of money.

Painting wise I got loads done and I soon had a fully painted board, tesseract arc and a whole pile of Necrons.

20130625_200035 20130624_194356

We also took a trip to Warhammer World for a game of Apocalypse.Using my orks and the Stompa, We had a blast and the ‘evil team’ of Me, Adam and Norbert got a clear victory over the imperial dogs (Matt, Lee and Jamie) the full blog is here

3rd quarter July-September

August saw our first kill team tournament. I had chosen my list using wraiths. Rather than just use normal wraith, I planned a new canoptek race, the shades. Made from converted wraith models, the shades went down well and I won the event. I did however lose one game to norbert for a second time! This was the first loss of the year and it would not be the last.

The 5 shades read for War!

The 5 shades read for War!

The tournament went well for the club and was our best event ever. I was luck enough to also win the best kill team at the event, voted for by the club members this did mean a lot to me.

League wise it was going well and I was leading the field for most of 2013.  I had a few close calls and the level of the games in 2013 was really high.  1500pts game I remained unbeaten all year.

By the end of september I started to plan my 2014 games and I decide to return to 2nd company Ultramarines, now reinforced with a Stormeagle. I started to tidy the force up and started to plan the new editions. the New codex out in Sept Helped me a lot and the force stared to take shape.

4th Quater October-December

The Last Quater of 2013 turned out to be great fun. Not only did I get to add a Fireraptor to the Ultamarines, but got to chat with Stuart Williamson, the Sculptor of this stunning Flyer

Finished Fireraptor

Finished Fireraptor

We meet while I was playing a great game against Lee and Norbert, my ally was Mark Bedford. it was a great game with Spacemarines winning against the alliance of the Dark eldar and the Imperial Guard. played on a Warhammer world scenic table this was one of the best games of 40K I have played. The Dark eldar advance was blunted, but they fought on, the Imperial Guard blazing away at Sternguard (75 las shots Vs 5 Sternguard, and the Sgt Survived!) Heroic Archorns taking on and killing 6 terminators, and the Centurions dying in the 1st turn, this game had it all!

20131116_130338 20131116_120615 20131116_110413 20131116_104827 20131116_104819 20131116_140958 20131116_140839 20131116_140910

After game we made the Mistake of heading up to the Hall of Miniatures and on the left by the door are 2 Thunderhawks, I was blown away by them but at £400.00 I was never going to get one.  Forward-wind 2 weeks and I’d sold my orks for over £400.00 and you know What ended up with right? Project Gladius in next years big project so watch out for this, probably in Feb?

League wise, I lost 1 game all year, but due to the Game mechanics, I ended the outside the top 3. work meant I had to pull out of the wildcard stakes and the league decider is next week.  Our 40K league this year has been great and while I didn’t win, I don’t think I’d want to change anything. the games were fun, the players, while competitive, have been great opponents. No cookie cutter lists, not underhanded shenanigans and no bad blood. defeats were taken well and victories not rubbed in. I can’t wait for the new league!

20130502_154956 20130502_144757 20130410_202958 BG2wyCUCEAAZ6JB

here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

Painting wise 2013 has been great. with 3 ‘Big’ Forgeworld kits and loads of great models painted, I am proudest of my Board. I FINALLY have a fully painted and usable board with full painted and Usable scenery! it may not the thing I have painted, but Its the most useful. 2014 will see it getting a lot of use and the Ultramarines will be on campaign against the Imperial guard of Lee early in the new year.

So that was 2013! what great year with a great bunch of War gamers! 2014 is already looking like it will be better! The Games night will be more crowded, the Leagues will be tighter fought and I am sure we as a club will get to Warhammer world at some point! Killteam 2014 will have the new rules to use, and I hope we get some Apocalypse games in to.  The New Ultramarine list is taking shape, With more flyers, dreads and centurions on the way.  the Outlanders Open is only 6 days away and the new Leauge is 2 weeks off. 2014 is gonna be great!

1st Centurion

Till then, see you all across the battle table.





Project Gladius 2nd company Thunderhawk

So I am starting to plan for my Thunderhawk. Its currently in a box on the shelf while I panic about the build. Its fair to say that this is not a project for the faint hearted.  Its a massive kit with some huge parts but still has some fine detailed parts and crew. The mould is old now and the quality,  while still good, has had the odd  issue.  The instructions are basic and it has no parts list. The “glass” is a peice of flat thin clear plasticard and you don’t have a mounting point for the stand, which you also don’t get.

Now it would easy to turn this blog in to a whinge.  Easy to complain about  a £400.00 for kit the lacks a stand, parts list…..! But I knew all this before I bought it. I wanted a challenge and at the end will be a fantastic peice.

That is what I hope this blog will show you, My trails and tribulations building and then painting this iconic flyer. I want rhe challenge, I want to break our the power power tools and above all I want to really enjoy this project.

So how to approach this epic task? I think I need to break it up. I have found some great blogs on the task and researched the best way to approach this leviathan. I will therfore try to do it in the following order.

-Write a Parts list!
-Check and clean the full kit.
-Prep the core body and super structure.  This will include the flaps and ailerons.  All the work to mag up the frame will be done at this stage. I want to be able to remove the top to expose the crew. I will dry fit the core of the kit at this stage.
-Drill out the major parys for pinning, mainly the wings and main gun
-Assemble and paint the flight deck. (Inc crew)
-Assemble and paint interal main body
-Prep and assamble ancillary items. (Weapons,  landing gear,  air breaks.)
-External weathering
-Make a stand (possibly 2 for display-I need to angle it into the display cabinet)

Well that seems alot! I think it will need to be broken down.

I think I will do it in small stages and paint other bits in between. I will try to blog each stage as we go. Here are the links to the awesome blogs that I have been reading.

Till then, see you access the battle table!

The best possible defence


My playing style is fairly aggressive when it comes to Warhammer 40,000. I play an assertive game and the sternguard units fit my playing style. And that’s what this post is about. Currently I have the 5 sternguard from the old metal box set. Armed with 5 bolters, one of which is a combi-melta. The sgt has a power fist, that is less than useful.

Now, the emperors finest should never be considered as disposable, that’s how I currently use my 5 sternguard. I drop them behind the enemy lines in a drop pod turn 1 and kill any AA unit. They usually die by turn 3, but in that time my opponents will have turned his lines. In the meantime, my main event, the flyers, arrive to kill the opposition. By the time the sternguard fall, it’s to late and the game is mine. Now, that’s how I use a combat squad, but now I have 10 of new plastic SG, I have to find a new use. I think I will start off with using them the same way and see how it goes.

This leads me to the armaments. Now, you have so many options and the new kits have most of them included. Now I have a simple plan . The ‘main event’ of the stern guard is the special ammo. Anything that takes them away is a waste of points. I don’t use any special or heavy weapons, but I do like my combi weapons. I keep them to a minimum as, like I said earlier, are disposable, so I have to keep the points low. I am going to build them with 4 combi options. 2 with flamers, 2 with melta. This adds 20 pts to the total. The sgt for the same reason only get a power weapon.

So here is my list.

SternGuard List (Ultramarines) 285 points

10 Sternguard Veterans (250)
2× combi-flamer; 2× combi-melta; power armour; boltgun; bolt pistol; special issue ammunition; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines).

Space Marine Sergeant
power armour; special issue ammunition; frag grenades; krak grenades; power weapon; boltgun. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

• Drop Pod (35) BS4·FA12·SA12·RA12·HP3
storm bolter. Vehicle (open-topped); Transport Capacity: 10 models or 1 Dreadnought or 1 Thunderfire Cannon; Inertial Guidance System; Immobile; Drop Pod Assault.

So thats the Plan, I like to keep it simple and cheap. there are other places to sink the Points, usaly, from Forgeworld!


I let you know how they get on.

till later, see yo across the battle table.

Forgeworld stormeagle final review

A while ago I finished my ultramarine stormeagle. Since then I have added the awesome fireraptor. I am really torn as to how to review this kit, but I think that final piece speaks for it’s self.

Finished Storm Eagle

Finished Storm Eagle

So why then the dilemma? Well lets be honest, despite my love of all things forge world, this kit is the single most infuriating thing to assemble. It’s hard to say why it’s such a bitch, but I will try to explain.



let’s talk about the kit. First of, it’s a hybrid kit. It’s part resin, part plastic stormraven kit. Now this keeps the cost down, but it does present the challenge of working in 2 materials. This can be a pain, but it’s not that that makes it such a pain. You need to be cautious when smoothing over the soft resin and the harder plastic at same time.

Large resin sides. The long sides for this kit suffer from a huge amount of warping. Easy to fix, but it takes a while. The rear of the kit is were the real problems start. The rear door sufferers from shrinkage and this makes to a right bugger. Lining the Door up, throws the sides out, the perfect lining of the plastic robs you of the flexibility to align the resin. The mixed top then added to this dilema. I cheated and made the Rear door over lap in the end. it worked for me!

Rear veiw eagle

Rear veiw eagle

The line up at the rear make the build a nightmare! The side ‘jets’ at the front use the plastic jets into the resin castings. This again is a pain . The casting was very thin and the 2 parts don’t work well. You still get the moveable parts, but they are tight.

The front canard (front wings) don’t get much in the way of alignment. The little lugs on the sides are ok, but they take a while to glue into place.

The other parts, such as the main wings, engines and top plates work ok.

Finished Fireraptor

Finished Fireraptor

So why the is fire raptor such much better?

They have tweaked the build and fixed it up. The side jets have been replaced with fixed parts. They just stick on to the side pods. The rear assembly is some much better. it slots together. The rear door has been replaced with an elongated side door. It fits together so well.

Raptor Body

Raptor Body

Body and Wing assambly

Body and Wing assambly

All in these 2 kits are good. The eagle has a reputation (well deserved) of being a bitch to build, the raptor is a massive improvement. Together they look awesome and add something to your spacemarine lists.

The twin birds,

The twin birds,

The raven is a good unit, but I love the eagle. The apocalypse launcher is great! The spacemarines lack the pie plate and this has 2! The raptor brings The avenger cannon (str 6, ap 3 heavy 7) which is a real killer.

Post battle report 1500pts Necrons vs Spacemarines

Last night I fought a game at our gaming club, Rugby outlanders. The game was against Adam Smith and was a league game. Our league is a challenge league. The winner of each game moves 1 place ahead of the defeated foe, unless they are already placed higher. Adam was sitting in 11th place with me as the league leader. A win for him would see him rocket up the table, for me a win was expected.

I posted my ideas and list yesterday, but the core if my list was an expensive C’tan shard. In return he went troop heavy. From memory, his list was

Marine captain w/Art armour, Power weapon, Bolter
6 regular terms, Inc. Assault Cannon
5 assault terms with l/c
10 sternguard
5 scouts w/bolters
5 scouts w/sniper and cameo
10 devastators
1 Stormtalon with las cannons.

I found it hard to bottom out his strategy and the deployment did little to help me out.

Pre rolls
We both rolled personalty traits for the warlords and while I got tenacity, it was of little use. It meant I had feel no pain and then my regn rolls, but only while holding an objective.

We rolled for mission and end up with crusade, fought over the vanguard set up. Not a bad set up for either of us as both only had 2 troop choices. He had 10 scouts, with me having 24 warriors. We deployed 4 primary objectives and we had 3 secondary objectives. I must say I love the 6th missions and they do add a lot to the game.

He deployed the army in a long “I want to meet a deathray” line along the deployment Zone, On his far right he placed the devs, then the terms in the centre. He then had the sternguard with the sniper scouts behind them in cover. To his left the assault terms. To the back, on an objective the 5 regular scouts took up position. My deployment was in 2 parts as normal. To my left the 6 destroyers and to the right the rest. The C’tan and scarabs took the right flank nearest to the assault terms and I knew that Adam had read my blog on the stargod, so he knew what was coming. At least he would not run the assault terms at fallen god?

He got the first turn with me failing to steal it from him. My C’tan used the grand illusion and allowed me to bring the doomscythe into on the first turn. The game was on!

Set up Necron Vs Spacemarie

Turn one

He advanced along the lines and threw some considerable fire power my way, but in the end I lost 2 warriors and the quantum shields and the gauss cannon on the A-barge. Not to bad for the first turn. It was then my turn and this was when Adam discovered why this army is feared. I advanced on the right and lined the doomscythe up on the regular terminators in the centre. The shooting phase was harsh. The scythe claimed 5 terminator scalps, with the death ray killing 4. The warriors took out the last one. The a barge took out 4 sternguard and the 6 destroyers killed 8 devs. Turn Oneida culled nearly half his army and his right wing was already gone. The sternguard fled and the whole army looked shocked. The grand illusion had paid off and the 40 pts cost had been repaid 5 times over by the scythe. This battle was already leaning my way, but with marines you never know what to expect and they are tough little sods at times.

These are the 1st turn Casualties. nearly 33% of his force!

These are the 1st turn Casualties. nearly 33% of his force!

Turn two

The talon arrive to help swing this back inn the marines favour. Unsurprisingly, it lined up on the doomscythe and the twin las cannons looked like its death. The assault terms ran towards the C’tan, and the sternguard return to advancing on the Necrons  They shot at and wounded the C’tan, and the scouts killed a single warrior. The devs blasted the doomscythe, missing with both a las cannon and a missile launcher. The talon hit and penetrated the alien flier, stunning the crew. As this was the first ever penning hit on the hated scythe, Adam took this as a moral victory. He also seemed to forget my Blog and marched his Assault Terms straight at my waiting C’tan. they failed the charge, needing 10″ to get to combat.

In return the Necrons continued their ranged assault. The night scythe arrived and promptly dump 12 warriors, cryptek and The Lord below the talon. The destroyers joined this group giving my left flank a solid block of troops. The doomscythe headed away from the talon to line up on the sternguard after it past its living metal role. The shooting phase left off were turn on ended. The newly arrived warriors scored 3 hits on the talon, with Adam passing 2 jink saves. The cryptek hit with his staff, causing the final glancing hit. Again it jinked, so the 3 strong destroyer squad shot it down. Crashing to the left missing the very tight block in the centre. The other 3 destroyers killed the last devs and the marines lost the left side of the table to alien menace. The shooting from then right flank killed the sternguard with only the captain surviving. The C’tan charged the terms supported by the scarabs. Combat was about equal with 2 scarab bases dying and 2 terms. The fearless Necrons held and the GAZE OF DEATH did little.

By now the marines were is disarray, but still had 1 objective. With the first blood and holding an objective, I only had 4vp over his 3vp, so it was for now closer than it looked.

Necron 2nd Turn

Turn Three

By now Adam was going for moral victories. A the Necron have no morals, this was harder than it appeared. Little of the army was left now. he managed to achieve nothing this turn and combat saw the death of More Terminators. he did move the Captain back towards the C’tan, a second big bash was in the offing. In return, the Necron just obliterated the scouts and moved towards the Combat. the Overlord and his squad got back into the Night Scythe and headed towards the C’tan. I should mention the Bravery of the Poor Sniper scouts. taking a drubbing this turn, the last 2 ran for it. next turn they would face around 750 pts worth of Necron Fire Power, alone and in the Open, yet still they fired away in the hoping to kill the Doomscythe.

C'tan Shard vs Assault Terms

The combat Between the C’tan and the Terms finally ended with death of the terms. only 2 Scarabs survived, but hey, they had killed and assault term in Combat!  By now only 2 scouts and the Lord were left.

Turn four

The remaining Scouts composed themselves  and Fired at the Nightscythe. The Doom Scythe having Zoomed off in turn 3. Sadly nothing happened.

Gripping his Power sword, the Captain charged the Star God. Slamming into the Shard, he had no effect, but in return, fallen god did little, causing wound with the Iron Halo saving the Erstwhile Capitan.

A deathray and 3 Tesla Destructor hits Later and he Still  stands

A Deathray and 3 Tesla Destructor hits Later and he Still stands

It was time for the Annihilation of the Scouts.  The returning Doomscythe hit both, but one survived. the Tesla hit the survivor with 3 hits, and he past 3 saves!

So the 6 Destroyers had ago! 10 gauss cannon and a heavy Gauss Cannon saw the end of the Scouts. The Captain saw the off the C’tan, with no wounds either side. Into turn 5 and Adam was over the moon for lasting that far!

And the End is Nigh!

And the End is Nigh!

Turn five

The only real happening was the death of the Captain and the end of the game.

Surrounded by the alien Horde, the last marine, Fittingly the Captain dies.

Surrounded by the Alien Horde, the last marine, Fittingly the Captain dies.

End Game

The Game end with an 8-0 Necron win. the Marines tabled and the League position secured for another week or so. the Most shocking statistic was the Death rate! with 1500 pts of Deam marine against 83 (ish) pts of Necron.  That’s around a 6% loss!

What lead to this Wercking ball? Well the I think it all comes down to the C’tan Shard and the Grand Illusion. while had flagged my plan to Adam via Twitter, and he still walked in to the trap. the Early arrival of the Doomscythe, that killed nearly 200 points in the first turn, while it would normal still be languishing in reserves. The shock also threw out any plan he had. he made some errors and failed to use his force to its full potential. I laid out a trap for his Flier which he duly flew straight into. Assaulting the C’tan with the Terms was never going to end well. The C’tan did what it was supposed to do. I think I will drop the Gaze of Death for a ranged power. this will bring the cost down and free up some points for the Destroyers.

The army did well, but if your not ready for it, then your gonna lose heavily. you need to focus your attack and try to play your own game, not react to Necron Fire power. For me I would have tried to Focus on one Flank and Teleport the Assault terms well away from the C’tan, try to focus on the Destroyer. using the Lightning Claws he would shred the Skimmers. the Unsupported Dev Squad, left in the open were cannon fodder.

All in all, it was fun game, but I don’t enjoy one sided games that much.  Adam is great gamer and its always good to game against him.

Next week,  I am taking on the Beast from the Galactic East, the Tyranids! I have not fought these since 3rd ed! Really excited for this one, and my opponent is  a great gamer.

Till then, See you across the Battle Table.