Sunday review

Well, here is a thing! its been months since my last Sunday review. So, what’s changed? I am trying to get the blog back to a regular thing, and 3 in the last 3 days is a good start. 

So what have been up to and and what’s next?


Well, I have been plugging away with the 13th legion and I can now field over 8,000 pts (And by Just over, i am 2 points over!)

20140830_165045 20140830_165030 20140830_165018 20140823_092548 20140824_195549

Just finished is a Captain on a bike. done more for fun than any other reason, i got the idea stuck in my head for a convesion, so I went for it. I enjoyed the task and i really like him. I have decided to use him to represent Captain Epagus of the 6th Company as denoted by his orange markings. Might have to add some more bike in the future. 


Also finished, at long last are the 10 sternguard. boy these became a chore. I was never happy with the white on the shoulder trim and if am i am not happy, then i tend to put it off. i finally caved in and did something about it. the end result is much better and reflects their status. 



while various projects have been going on, I have been slowly adding hatch options for the 2 Land raiders. now finished are 3 closed and 1 open hatch (as in no option taken), 2 hatches with Stormbolters (one open, one closed) and a Hunter killer. the final option with a Multi-melta is still a WIP.


Taking of WIP, the new Terminator unit started this week. if all works out, then next Sunday, you’ll get to see the finished 5 man Thunder hammer squad. 

20140907_183248 20140904_164044


I have also done scenery of late, and heres some photos of the work. 

20140820_233502 20140820_233451 20140820_233443 20140818_145735 20140818_145728 20140818_205117


well, I played the 1st game of my League ‘group’ stage. The rules for our league are easy. you win, you move up. here is the report from the game 

Next week will see my in a development game against another young league player. I am training him up to improve his game craft, the following week will see me in full game Vs his ‘Nids. 



Project Gladius build Blog 4 Interior

Only a quick update today as I have done lots done, but was all very simple stuff.


With the Externals done it time to build the interior. All the parts fitted well and only slight work was needed. The rear bulk head needed some work to get it straight as did the upper panel. I have not glued the top panel to make painting easier. Sadly you’ll never be able to see it. I have noticed that the access in to the upper deck is way too small for a marine to get through. I have no idea how marines get around this level of the Vehicle. The rear seats are also too small!

20140218_223238 20140218_221832 20140218_221654

As the interior went well, I decided to clean up the reaming wing parts and the front Canards. The Engines were really easy to sort and the canards are just as easy as the tail section. Next up will be the Main gun and Mounting the Canards.


Project Gladius build Blog 5 Canards

The front wings, also called ‘Canards’ are a core part of the overall look of the Hawk, but they are big parts with smaller mounting lugs. The join is very weak and will break easily. I decided to pin them with 2 pins each side. I also need to ensure they are spot on with the alignment. I decide to use normal dressmaker’s pins keeping the head visible on the internal bulkheads. I drilled through using a hand drill the aligned the canards and drilling in from the inside out to mark the spot. I then drilled in a down 10mm to get a good part of the pin inside the wings. Once mounted I used Liquid green to fill the gaps and cleaned the area up. I then used a Hair dryer again to make the alignment perfect.

20140220_195451 20140220_201838 20140220_180620

Project gladius build blog 2

It time to get some more work done on my Thunderhawk. The build is a complex one and today’s work was to try to get to first full dry fit. It was all about cleaning the big bits, sorting any warpage and, if time allows look at mounting for wings.

Today’s parts will be the lower fuselage (the HUGE bit) upper fuselage, (front and rear) the nose section and the wings.

One of the big issues with kit is what I call “scaring” on several parts. Mainly the big bits, this seems to be a casting issue. As you can see on the photos, it’s a step on the side of the some of the part, about 1mm deep, running in an uneven line. This is not a casting or mould line, but it’s a real pain.

Scaring on upper front hull front

Scaring on upper front hull front

Scaring on lower fuselage

Scaring on lower fuselage

To clean these scars I have found that I need to scrap with a sharp edge of a modelling knife. Once it’s fairly smooth I then use a medium grade emery board. I then polish it off with a fine emery cloth (sometimes known as Wet and Dry Paper). This smooths the surface for painting.


Dry fit on the front fuselage
The top front of the fuselage is made of the nose section and the upper front fuselage. The 2 parts fit together onto the lower fuselage. I found that they did not meet and I tracked the problem to the upper fuselage. It had a slight warp at the front.

20140214_164458 20140214_164444

Now, we all know that the easiest way to bend a warped forge world part right? Soak it in hit water and bend it straight. I. tried it it but it didn’t work. After looking around, I found people using hair dryers to straighten thicker resin parts. I tried it out and it worked out ok. I re shaped the upper fuselage. The fit is much better, and will now only need some small filling. As this is quite a obvious part of the kit, it needs to be perfect.

Once this was done I cleaned up the front end. The front end was a bit of mess, but it cleaned up pretty good. I dry fitted the front ramp and I had to straighten the front hatch aperture. This was easy to do and it worked well.

20140214_165401 20140214_164732 20140214_171714 20140214_171725


Lower fuselage


Next up was the big fuselage part. This is a monster part. It as 3 areas of scaring. These were hard to clean as the rivets got in the way. It cleaned up ok. Next was the bravest think I have ever done.

The thunderhawk kit does not have any mounting for a flight stand. Now I want this in the air and I am planning on making a custom stand. I think a 15mm acrylic rod will hold the weight. It’s hard to know until I can mount the full kit. Taking a power drill with 15mm hole bore to a £400.00 kit gives you shakes. I measured up location, twice to be sure. My plan was simple. I will fit a thick brass rod that passes through the fuselage. Supporting each wing. I will sheath the central brass rod with heat shrink, (normally used in electronics). I will cut a grove into the top of the acrylic rod. This will help protect the top of the rod and hold the model in place.

20140214_182023 20140214_182031

Once the hole was drilled I started on the wings. This was an easy task. Both had scaring on the leading edge. It was a simple task to clean them up, but once I tryed to fit them I found the alignment a nightmare. This task is going to be a challenge. So for now I am calling it quits.

20140214_185823 20140214_185836 20140214_185847

That enough for today and time to clean up. The study now looks like a resin bomb has gone off. Better get the vac out. All in all, the kit is coming along well. The core fuselage lines up. The nose fits and worst of the scaring is behind me.


Here is the wip shot to end the day.

WIP Dry fit 1

Till next time. When me and the Wings will have a fall out.