Oh rats!

As I have said before,  I am proud member of the Rugby Outlanders.  We are a modest club, but we have a great group of like minded players. Surprisingly we have more warhammer players in the league than 40K. 

I recently managed to get some grant money from our local council to help fund our group. We got a ‘play grant’ to promote social activites for young people.  Normally this money goes to fund sports groups,   but due a good bid and a brave council, we got just under £600.00. With this money we will increase the playing surfaces with 2 RoB tables. We have bought a load of scenery sets for both games and the paint to sort it all out. With support form the local gw (Coventry) who gave us some old scenery as well we have a lots of terrain. I will post more about this in the future and on the 27th April we are having a day of building. The activity session should be a cool day of like minded people have fun, but with a clear objective in mind.

The core use of the funds was to promote the club and get new gamers playing. To support this we got both Isle of blood and dark vengeance.  As a group we agreed to paint up the new sets to a good standard.  Any new players will be able to get a game and be inspired to get involved.  The idea is that the first time people turn up we will guarantee a game, on good board with decent scenery.

I asked to paint the Skaven from the isle of blood.  They are as far away as possible from the Necron and marines that I normally paint as possible and they look a great challenge.  The downside is that there is a lot of them.

I have made a start with the clanrats with hand weapons.  I am Going for a neutral colour scheme and trying to keep them looking ragged.  The pallet is greys and browns with them all wearing grey rags. The skin colour is also darker than normal and this helps to speed up the blending into the fur.

For introduction models they are great and they should look like a manic horde in the end. I dont know who is painting the high elves,  but I hope to at least match them in quality.  The 2 should help get new player involved in fantasy warganming.

I am known as a 40K player and I have not played fantasy for years. I was an old school chaos player, having a mix of both warriors, deamon and beasts, that was sometime around 6th ed. I used to collect both high and dark elves. but all these are long gone. Painting these Skaven has rekindled the warhammer bug. A fellow club member has a job lot of the ratkin that he is giving me, along with army book. As a result a Skaven army will be comming soon!

I know a fair bit about the rats, who and what they are, the clan structure and so on. I remember the main characters, units and some of the war machines. I dont know what the army structure will be and I open to suggestions. I will keep same colours, but I will add more ‘decay’ I am tempted to focus on clan pestilence and get to do my other painting dream, a Nurgle army.

The plague monks look cool and census bearers, globers, plague catapult all could be fun, they have some cool characters too. All of this is way off in the future. Until then, I need to sort out the first lot and by then I will have a better plan.

So thats whats happening in my hobby mind for now. Until next time I will see you across the Battle table.


1500pts necrons vs marines

So today I face an army of codex space marines. This is a leauge game and I am defending my top spot. My opponent is adam smith, who is a good gamer. He plays many games and is a ww2 buff.

Today’s game will be brought to you by the letter C and the colour green.  I am using my C’tan shard.  I have choosen 2 expensive options,  but with a clear plan in mind.


The grand illusion is my opening salvo. This power allows you to change the deployment of D3 units after deployment is finished. It can be used to to put squads into reserve and to pull the out of reserve.  To be very cheesy,  I intend to pull my flyers out of reserve.  If they can kill more than 40pts in the first turn, then the power has paid for its self. With the death ray and 2 Tesla destructors this is relatively easy.

Second power is the infamous gaze of death. I know Adam loves his terminators. This power is used after close combat. Placing a large blast template after combat has been resolved it causes 1 s3 AP1 wound on every model touched.  Every wound caused regenerates a wound on the c’tan shard. At 50 points its the most expensive power, but can kill a lot of heavily armored troops. One trick to note with the C’tan is that as well as being a monstrous creature,  they are also a character so can be challenged.   The plan is to get him into combat with the terminators,  challenge the squad leader. Killing him will be easy with a s7 mc with 4 attacks I4, and then decimate the squad with the GoD.  By challenging they rest of the squad cant attack him!

So that’s the plan for the C’tan.  At a whooping 275 pts he is very pricey, but comes with some serious cheese. Here is the full army list that I am Taking.

Necron Overlord: Phaeron; warscythe; mindshackle scarabs; sempiternal weave; resurrection orb. 215
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of the Storm (lightning field).

C’tan Shard: Grand Illusion; Gaze of Death. 275

12 Necron Warriors 256
• Night Scythe
12 Necron Warriors 156

3 Necron Destroyers: heavy gauss cannon140
3 Necron Destroyers 120
5 Canoptek Scarabs 75

Annihilation Barge: gauss cannon. 90
Doom Scythe 175

1,502 points

I will post a battle report later, until then, see you across the table.