Warzone resurection 1st thoughts. 

It’s been over 3 week since I went into wargaming rehab and I thought I’d share my thoughts on my chosen replacement war game.  As I said I wanted to give warzone ressurection (wzr) a go and so far I am really impressed. I have made some mistakes, but they are due to my old thinking, not the product. 

So what is WZR? The game is a table top wargame at 32mm scale. Played with both miniatures and a deck of cards, it recreates the battles in 27th century. There are 7 factions (5 mega corporations, the holy brotherhood and the dark legion) all fighting in a grimdark future. The games are fought out from small clashes up to large scale battles, but is primearaly a squad based game. To give the game it’s full title its ‘the mutant chronical-warzone ressurection’ which is a bit of a mouthful, so it’s reffered to as warzone. The long title is however important. The game is based in the mutant chronical universe from the 90’s and truly was ressurected by a kickstarter. The company, prodos games, have kept some of the old units and characters who have been updated. They are small organisation producing a high quality product. 


Ok, these models are insane. They have really tried to cram so much detail at a realistic level it’s untrue. (Fingers! No really fingers, not fists, actual fingers)  They are all resin sold at Basic unit level (between 1-5 models) larger packs for bigger models, such as walker are available. Each comes with all the cards you need to use that particular unit and the most basic assembly instructions. (These really need to better!) You can get started box sets to. These have the basic troops, some support and characters. They also come with the cards and 2 d20. The few clam packs I have bought have slip of paper naming the individual who has checked packing. Nice touch! 

They have very limited posablity and are not the easiest to construct. This has been a problem and they are not for the faint hearted, however, the end result are some on the most characterful models I have ever seen. I’ll talk about building them in another blog, but for now I will just say that these are not your mass produced easy assemble kits that I have gotten soft building. These take time but are worth the effort. 

The level of detail is amazing, but in some cases I think they over stretched and the result are some very thin casting. They are easily the quality of forgeworld, but are a fraction of the cost. This biggest walker, standing taller than a contemptor is around £30. The largest kits are around £60, but basic squads retail around £12-£15 mark. Characters are around £10.

As I said, the construction options are limited, but you get all the options for your squads in the box for most units. Upgrade packs are available for those options not in the pack. 


  The brb is a thing of beauty. It is one of the most visually stunning books I have seen. It has a silky cover and is full colour. The art work is a mix of the old ’90s art work, new art and models. Some of the images are line drawings that add a nice touch. The background section is well written, concise but gives a great introduction to the universe. The rules that follow are well laid out. The book comes with a mission section with over 30 mission variables. The book finishes off with all the background and rules for all 7 factions.  This means no codex or army book is needed. Any new units have all the stuff you need to play them in the box. The only real expansions sets are the templates, markers and each faction has a mega card pack to expand your deck. 

The art work through out is stunning and the attention to detail is high. It feels very weighty and is well made. The only issue is my copy has a dusty feel to some of the pages, this appears to be from the manufacturing process. 


The game is set on a grimdark future where 5 mega corporations run the planet. The 4 oldest are based around stereotypical old earth armies. But these are just superficial. Each has its own history , character and look. They are Imperial (British empire), Capitol (USA), Bauhaus (Germany) and Mishima (Japan)

In the distance past technology was corrupted  and used to destroy theuniversity. The 5th is a new corp based on advanced robotics call cybertronic. They use technonolgy more freely than the older corps, ignoring the lessons of the past. 

The final 2 armies are the classic good vs bad forces. The force for good in the galaxy are a religious order known as the brotherhood and are technology and spiritually better than the rest. Their mission is to destroy the dark legion, a force of pure evil. Using both dark arts and even darker technology the ear legion are out to destroy all life. 

The various forces allow you to fight an endless mix of combinations. You can recreate the corp wars or the epic struggle light vs dark. The brotherhood can take the holy fight to the corp or ally with them to fight the legion. This allows for a mix of play that can encapsulate most combinations. 


I am still new to this game, but my first thoughts are quite positive. The company, prodos, seem a great bunch of people. They have taken an old classic and truly ressurected it. If you look for some of the named characters on eBay, you see the old metals and the new resin version. They have answered tweets and quite friendly. They have an active fB page too. My only real grip is the website is a bit clunky, but buying online is done through PayPal. A happenstance is that they are based around 10 miles away from were I live. I love to blag a visit to the factory! 


Sunday update 24/02/14

Not much say this as I have published 5 project gladius posts this week. The build is going well and the dry fit is done! I managed to get some painting done and the interior is coming along well. The 2 crew and the raven pilot all got done as well.

In the hobby world everyone is getting all very excited about the knights, the new kit from gw. Consensus in Is all very positive and this kit harks back to the days of epic. It great to see gw finial pull a massive surprise and let’s hope the great feed back they are getting will spur them on. I hope they will finally stop the one army only per month thing and start to mix it up a bit?

I am very tempted my self, but at £85, I can’t justify one. Yet. I will add one, but I’ll have to wait. I like the idea of a painting project that allowed you to just go wild. This kit and the nature of the houses means I can go anywhere with the colour scheme. That will be fun. I am very tempted to sell off the imperial guard to cover the cost of one!

So, that’s this week In the hobby for me. Next week I hope to get the whole interior finished on the thunderhawk. I’ll take a break from it once this is done and try to get sternguard finished.

Till next week, see you across the battlefield.

Sunday up date 19/01/14

Sorry I missed last weeks update, but in my needless defence, I was painting! It’s been a mad couple of weeks, but the work progresses.

Outlanders painting competition.

Every year our club, the Rugby Outlanders, have a painting comp and I always enter. Timed to coincide with the end of the league games, it’s a 2 part competition. The 2 week of club each new year we all bring our entries. We have categories and each category win get a small glass trophy. These top 4 then are brought back the next week and we all vote again. The winner gets the big trophy and a battle force box set.

I enetered 2 categories, veteran sci fi and veteran fantasy. You can see all the entries here

20140114_192658 20140114_192708

I was lucky enough to Win both categories and I am in the final round on Wednesday!

The fantasy category was very tight and my piece, “bugmans rest” was up against it. I had won the model in last years killteam competition. I built the burned out pub around him and mounted it on an old base. This took me two weeks to complete, but it was so worth the effort.

While the voting was on, I also got to play a 1000 point game of 40k, vs a white scar force. As it was non league and a relaxed game, I took a list I’d not normally use. It’s not a nice list, but it’s moly for a fun game.

Ultramarines, 1,000 points


Space Marine Captain (130) WS6·BS5·S4·T4·W3·I5·A3·Ld10·Sv3+
Iron Halo; artificer armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; melee/ranged weapons (power weapon; bolt pistol); special issue equipment (auspex). And They Shall Know No Fear; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines); Independent Character.

2nd Company Tactical 5 (10 Tactical Marines) (180)
WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1·Ld8·Sv3+ power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; multi melta; Flamer. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines).
Veteran space marine sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4·I4·W1·A2·ld9·Sv3+ bolt pistol ; power weapon.

2nd Company Tactical 1 (10 Tactical Marines) (185)
WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1·Ld8·Sv3+ power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; Missile launcher (Flakk); Flamer. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines).
Space Marine Sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1.Ld9·Sv3+ bolt pistol; power weapon; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

Heavy Support

Stormeagle Gunship (285) BS4·FA12·SA12·RA12·HP4

twin-linked heavy bolter; ceramite plating; 2 twin linked lascannon. Vehicle (flyer); Aerial Assault; Assault Vehicle; Cemerite Plating, Spirt Of The Machine, Hover; Supersonic; Transport 20. vengeance launcher, Range 48″·s5·Ap4·heavy 2, Large blast,
Fireraptor Gunship (220) BS4·FA12·SA12·RA12·HP4 Vehicle (flyer); Strafing Run; Spirt Of The Machine, Relic Of Armoury.
Twin linked avenger cannon Range 36″·s7·Ap3·heavy 7,
auto cannon turret, Range 48″·S7·ap4·heavy 2 Twin Linked, Independent Turret Fire.
4 Hellstrike missiles Range 72″·S8·Ap3 Ordnance 1, One Shot Only.

Now, you notice that it has both of the big forgeworld flyers in the list. This is quite simply over kill in a 1000pts game. My opponent took something like this.

Kor’sarro Khan (160) WS6·BS5·S4·T4·W3·I5·A3·Ld10·Sv3+
Moonfang; Iron Halo; bolt pistol; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Tactics; Independent Character; Master of the Hunt; Chapter Tactics.

5 Terminators (200) WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A2·Ld9·Sv2+
Terminator armour; storm bolters. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.
Terminator Sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A2·Ld9·Sv2+Terminator armour; storm bolter; power weapon. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

Dreadnought (100) WS4·BS4·S6·FA12·SA12·RA10·I4·A2·HP3
multi-melta; Dreadnought close combat weapon (built-in storm bolter); smoke launchers; searchlight. Vehicle (walker).

10 Tactical Marines (180) WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1·Ld8·Sv3+
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; Missile launcher (Flakk); Plasma gun. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics.
Space Marine Sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1.Ld9·Sv3+
bolt pistol; boltgun; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

10 Tactical Marines (170) WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1·Ld8·Sv3+
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; Plasma cannon; Plasma gun. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics.
Space Marine Sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1.Ld9·Sv3+
bolt pistol; boltgun; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

5 Scouts (55) WS3·BS3·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1·Ld8·Sv4+
scout armour; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Scouts.
Space Marine Scout Sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I4·A1.Ld8·Sv4+
bolt pistol; boltgun; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.
• Land Speeder Storm (45) BS3·FA10·SA10·RA10·HP2
heavy bolter; jamming beacon; Cerberus launcher. Vehicle (fast; skimmer; open-topped); Deep Strike; Scouts.

Fast Attack
3 Space Marine Bikers (105) WS4·BS4·S4·T4(5)·W1·I4·A1·Ld8·Sv3+
plasma gun; power armour; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; Space Marine bike. Bikes; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.
Biker Sergeant WS4·BS4·S4·T4(5)·W1·I4·A2·Ld9·Sv3+
bolt pistol; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Space Marine bike. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

The game lasted 5 turns, but the outcome was never really in doubt. I deployed my 1 tactical squad, split down behind 2 pieces of scenery, waited out turn one and the flyers came in on turn 2. His infantry heavy list had no real threats to my flyers. He just died. The raptor killed most his force, the eagle dumping the captain and the full 2nd squad, again split down, killed of the khan and moped up the survivors. It was a good natured game, but, I’d never play such a filthy list in a proper game. My opponent was aware that I was going to cheesy, so it was not power gaming. Honest. End result was he was tabled. I lost 5 marines.

20140115_202017 20140115_200239 20140115_200231 20140115_200225 20140115_194739 20140115_194733

As well as the massive amount painting for the comp, I have also finished my centurions. These are ready for the nids that I am facing this week. Next week it’s back on the sternguard and then some Orks.

Till next week, see you across the battle table.

2013 gaming review-what a year!

So 2013 draws to a close a it time to look back on what I got up to over year. I will try to pick out the bits that will have some thing to learn from, but it has been a great year in the hobby

1st quater-January to March

The year started badly with my loss to Norbert in the league final. It was last game with my marines in the league and after about 10 games he had finally worked them out. He deserved to win the trophy but 2013 would be my year (or not as it turned out).

It was around this time that I, with the support of the club, applied for a ‘play grant’ from our local council. Designed to promote club activity, this grant usually gets allocated to football clubs and other sports. This was the first time that any gaming club had asked for some money. We were awarded around £600.00 and we used this to grow our club. We purchased 2 realm of battle sets, lots of scenery and the 2 core sets. The idea is that if you turn up at our club, we will be able to teach you to play either core game. We held an event to paint the stuff up and had an open door painting session were 10 club members turned up help paint the boards.

New gameboards

New gameboards

Our clubs annual painting competition went well an I picked up 1st in the other section for my samurai guinea pig. I didn’t win the main prize, which was best in show, but simon trammer deservingly won for his ork storm boy. As Simon had organised the event, he refused to accept the prize of a battle force of his choosing. This was raffled off and I won! This gave me a necron battle force to add to my league army.

The rise of the Necron

I started using my necrons as my league force. This was a choice as the marines had dominated the league last year and I wanted to try something completely different.my test games had gone well, but I was not really prepared for how effective the soulless metal hulks would be. My basic list was 2x 12 warriors, a-barge, doomscythe, nightscythe, lord and cryptech. This left around 500 pts to experiment with. I tried deathmarks, C’tan, destroyed, scarabs and spiders over the year, but it was wraith and tesseract arc that really struck a cord. You’ll find lots of blogs about the necron over the year, have look.


2nd quarter April-June

By now my necrons had a reputation and I was sitting pretty in the league. May saw my 40th birthday and I planned a trip to Warhammer world to spend my birthday money. A strange quirk of fate left me with £400.00 to spend, so I had my heart set on a warhound titian! After a lots of thought however, I changed my mind. Instead I went for the realm of battle and some forgeworld goodness. I added the tesseract arc, the fall of Orpheus and the necron citadel tile. It was great day with the family and it was such fun to spend big like that, I don’t normally get to spend that kind of money.

Painting wise I got loads done and I soon had a fully painted board, tesseract arc and a whole pile of Necrons.

20130625_200035 20130624_194356

We also took a trip to Warhammer World for a game of Apocalypse.Using my orks and the Stompa, We had a blast and the ‘evil team’ of Me, Adam and Norbert got a clear victory over the imperial dogs (Matt, Lee and Jamie) the full blog is here

3rd quarter July-September

August saw our first kill team tournament. I had chosen my list using wraiths. Rather than just use normal wraith, I planned a new canoptek race, the shades. Made from converted wraith models, the shades went down well and I won the event. I did however lose one game to norbert for a second time! This was the first loss of the year and it would not be the last.

The 5 shades read for War!

The 5 shades read for War!

The tournament went well for the club and was our best event ever. I was luck enough to also win the best kill team at the event, voted for by the club members this did mean a lot to me.

League wise it was going well and I was leading the field for most of 2013.  I had a few close calls and the level of the games in 2013 was really high.  1500pts game I remained unbeaten all year.

By the end of september I started to plan my 2014 games and I decide to return to 2nd company Ultramarines, now reinforced with a Stormeagle. I started to tidy the force up and started to plan the new editions. the New codex out in Sept Helped me a lot and the force stared to take shape.

4th Quater October-December

The Last Quater of 2013 turned out to be great fun. Not only did I get to add a Fireraptor to the Ultamarines, but got to chat with Stuart Williamson, the Sculptor of this stunning Flyer

Finished Fireraptor

Finished Fireraptor

We meet while I was playing a great game against Lee and Norbert, my ally was Mark Bedford. it was a great game with Spacemarines winning against the alliance of the Dark eldar and the Imperial Guard. played on a Warhammer world scenic table this was one of the best games of 40K I have played. The Dark eldar advance was blunted, but they fought on, the Imperial Guard blazing away at Sternguard (75 las shots Vs 5 Sternguard, and the Sgt Survived!) Heroic Archorns taking on and killing 6 terminators, and the Centurions dying in the 1st turn, this game had it all!

20131116_130338 20131116_120615 20131116_110413 20131116_104827 20131116_104819 20131116_140958 20131116_140839 20131116_140910

After game we made the Mistake of heading up to the Hall of Miniatures and on the left by the door are 2 Thunderhawks, I was blown away by them but at £400.00 I was never going to get one.  Forward-wind 2 weeks and I’d sold my orks for over £400.00 and you know What ended up with right? Project Gladius in next years big project so watch out for this, probably in Feb?

League wise, I lost 1 game all year, but due to the Game mechanics, I ended the outside the top 3. work meant I had to pull out of the wildcard stakes and the league decider is next week.  Our 40K league this year has been great and while I didn’t win, I don’t think I’d want to change anything. the games were fun, the players, while competitive, have been great opponents. No cookie cutter lists, not underhanded shenanigans and no bad blood. defeats were taken well and victories not rubbed in. I can’t wait for the new league!

20130502_154956 20130502_144757 20130410_202958 BG2wyCUCEAAZ6JB

here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

Painting wise 2013 has been great. with 3 ‘Big’ Forgeworld kits and loads of great models painted, I am proudest of my Board. I FINALLY have a fully painted and usable board with full painted and Usable scenery! it may not the thing I have painted, but Its the most useful. 2014 will see it getting a lot of use and the Ultramarines will be on campaign against the Imperial guard of Lee early in the new year.

So that was 2013! what great year with a great bunch of War gamers! 2014 is already looking like it will be better! The Games night will be more crowded, the Leagues will be tighter fought and I am sure we as a club will get to Warhammer world at some point! Killteam 2014 will have the new rules to use, and I hope we get some Apocalypse games in to.  The New Ultramarine list is taking shape, With more flyers, dreads and centurions on the way.  the Outlanders Open is only 6 days away and the new Leauge is 2 weeks off. 2014 is gonna be great!

1st Centurion

Till then, see you all across the battle table.





Sunday update 15/12/13

Sternguard squadWork has kept me very busy this week and next week is not looking so hot either. How ever I did get some of the work done. My target was to get the blue done on the 5 basic terms and the 5 sternguard. I did manage to get the base coat airbrushed on an started to layer up the first of the sternguard.


For the loin cloth I decide to keep them black, rather than the normal white or cream for to reasons, the first is this was an idea that they mourn the deaths they are about to bring and the other, more practical one, was I can use the forgeworld transfers on them to avoid having to paint the icons. This turned out ok and add a nice level of detail.


This turned out really well and I got so into the paint job I didn’t stop there. By Tuesday the first sternguard was done and the stared. Forward wind to today and 4 are done, inc the sgt!


I had planned to blog about the sternguard kit at a later date, but long and short of it is

This kit is awesome!

You get so much stuff! To make 5 warriors, You get 6 chest fronts, 5 bolters, 8 combi, 2 stormbolters, 1 each of every special weapon, 2 heavy weapons, loads of heads, plasma, bolt and grav pistols, awesome power fist, the uber cool power weapon arm and 15 really nice shoulder pads. I will be using these bits for years to come, just from these 2 kits alone! The main thing missing was a decent back banner, but hey, you can’t have every thing you want.

Cost wise I was really impresses with sheer volume of stuff you get for your money. and It is some of best sculpting I have seen for a while.

Last week I said I would build them all with a bolter of some form. Game wise this is best for me, but I can’t help but love the heavy flamer in the kit, so when I build the next box, I may have to go off plan.

Next week the plan is just to finish the first 5 sternguard and base them and last weeks scouts up. I am going away for 3 days at the end of week so this will be a challenge to get them done. As Christmas is coming it going to be difficult to get it all done, but hey, christmas is coming and that usually means new shiney and the odd gw voucher!

I also managed to sort the #warmongersecretsanta out that I accidentally sent to France. I love the idea of the warmonger secret Santa and a massive thanks to phil at the the shell case forum for his great work. Its people like him and dr Bungle that make the warmongers on twitter such a great group. (And the many other great war gamers. It would take me ages to mention them all. )

Till next week, I see will you across the battle table.

Project Gladius 2nd company Thunderhawk

So I am starting to plan for my Thunderhawk. Its currently in a box on the shelf while I panic about the build. Its fair to say that this is not a project for the faint hearted.  Its a massive kit with some huge parts but still has some fine detailed parts and crew. The mould is old now and the quality,  while still good, has had the odd  issue.  The instructions are basic and it has no parts list. The “glass” is a peice of flat thin clear plasticard and you don’t have a mounting point for the stand, which you also don’t get.

Now it would easy to turn this blog in to a whinge.  Easy to complain about  a £400.00 for kit the lacks a stand, parts list…..! But I knew all this before I bought it. I wanted a challenge and at the end will be a fantastic peice.

That is what I hope this blog will show you, My trails and tribulations building and then painting this iconic flyer. I want rhe challenge, I want to break our the power power tools and above all I want to really enjoy this project.

So how to approach this epic task? I think I need to break it up. I have found some great blogs on the task and researched the best way to approach this leviathan. I will therfore try to do it in the following order.

-Write a Parts list!
-Check and clean the full kit.
-Prep the core body and super structure.  This will include the flaps and ailerons.  All the work to mag up the frame will be done at this stage. I want to be able to remove the top to expose the crew. I will dry fit the core of the kit at this stage.
-Drill out the major parys for pinning, mainly the wings and main gun
-Assemble and paint the flight deck. (Inc crew)
-Assemble and paint interal main body
-Prep and assamble ancillary items. (Weapons,  landing gear,  air breaks.)
-External weathering
-Make a stand (possibly 2 for display-I need to angle it into the display cabinet)

Well that seems alot! I think it will need to be broken down.

I think I will do it in small stages and paint other bits in between. I will try to blog each stage as we go. Here are the links to the awesome blogs that I have been reading.



Till then, see you access the battle table!

The big build up.

Ok, I will admit it. I may have a problem. They do say that admitting it is a start, right? In the last few months I have spent some serious money on my ultramarines. I now have a massive task ahead and it’s actually starting to stress me out. I have a simple rule for gaming. “If it’s not painted, it’s not used” I am not a ‘painting nazi’ (a phrase I hate btw) I don’t mind my opponent using unpainted or proxies, it is just I don’t like using unpainted stuff. I play wysiwyg every time and this drives my painting.

Now my problem is such a first world problem. I have over bought and now my painting stack is huge! I need to organise this lot and get some games in. I am expanding the ultramarines and working on my table/scenery as well. i am not a rich man and my local government paycheck does not allow for major purchases on a regular basis, I have been busy on eBay. I have sold lots and I have inherited a bit and my wife let me buy some bits with this as well. Using http://www.giftsforgeeks.co.uk I saved some cash that I re invested. Suddenly I had loads built up to build and paint. Of late I have added a fireraptor and some wall of martyrs bits. So here is the list and the reasoning.

Wall of martyrs-trenches.
I have 2 bunkers and the encampment already. So I have added the trenches and the will also fit into my christmas list. I have the family for more scenery and the BIG macro cannon kit.

My force already has 6 ‘regular’ terminators. So I have added 15 more. 15 you say I hear you say? Yep, 15. I have bought 10 deathwing knights (2 boxes) and a box of assault terminators. The plan is to add 10 assault terminators, made in the robed bodies of the DW knights. 5 of each weapons option. The stormbolters from the kit also included will be used to make 4 terminators to round off the original squad to 10. The last set of bits will be a terminator librarian.

I love the new sternguard kit so I had to add a full squad. Armed with bolters and the odd combi, but no heavies. The sgt will be armed with a gladius and a mk4 helm, he will scream ultramarine veteran.

Scouts and land speeder storm.
I have added a battle force and this comes with 5 scouts. I have made these with shotguns and added a ls storm to the mix as well.

Tactical squad 4.
I have sold my old tactical squad 4 that were the old AOBR tacticals. A great intro kit but I wanted more. The new squad, from the battle force box will use strenguard bits and I will get some running legs as well to give the different look. The test pieces look great. Armament wise I think heavy bolter and grav gun will work and compliment the current squads well. The sgt will be a vet and have a chainsword. This will give me a cheap sgt to add when facing hordes.

Assault squad/devastator squad.
The 5 man squad will firm the start for the 2nd assault squad for my battle company. I need to arm these with plasma pistols and the sgt will get a power weapon. The last 5 marines in the battle force will be the bubble wrap for my 2nd devastator squad.

I love fliers. They suit my style and they look great. They added the raven to full list this time round and I had to add on. This will be armed with las cannons and it will add some anti armour to my force. Of course all good transports need a cargo.

I have a box of 3 centurions. I know the current trend is for the grav build, but I want assault cents. The hurricane bolters and flamers will make a mess of hordes and the siege drills will kill any tank. If only I had some form of taxi for these slow moving beasts.

I did say I have sold a lot. A few weeks ago I visited Warhammer world and while looking in the hall of miniatures I looked at the 2 monster flyers in the cabinet. That night I made the decision to sell my whole ork force to get one. It’s with great personal pleasure that I have one in the ‘stack’ ready to go. This is a monster kit. The mould is over 10 years old and it has a reputation for being a bugger. But what a challenge! I will not start this until next year. But I will do a daily blog once I start.

So that’s the list. As I said I know I have a problem. I have spent a lot of money. I have a lot of work and at the end of whole project, I will have one hell of a force. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, doing something about it is the second.

I will endeavour to post as I go. First up, the scouts. I have already started these and 2 are done. Full photo blog soon.

Is the Deathray Broken? Or are all its victims just whinging?

I have been using my Doomscythe for a few games and it’s starting to generate hate. Now this is not always a bad thing, but I am not a power gamer and I don’t want to alienate friends. The main issue is with the main gun. The Deathray is not a popular weapon, so I thought I would spend some time looking at much maligned weapon. The Deathray is a cutting beam. It slices along killing anything it passes over. It not called the ‘let’s cuddle ray’ or the ‘let’t be nice to each other ray’ it’s a DEATHRAY, it’s not going to be nice to you and it’s not going to be your friend. Currently only 1 unit can access this doom laden bringer of destruction, The Doomscythe, however a land based version has been seen, The new Forgeworld sentry Pylon gets it!

Ok, let’s start with the Stats.





12” (Speacial)



Heavy 1


That’s a bit good for any weapon, but it’s the special rule the can break this weapon. Basically you choose a target point within 12” and nominate point within 3D6” draw a straight line between the 2 points and every unit (friend or foe) suffers a number of hits equal to the number of models the line passes over.

E.G. your Deathray fires and you target a unit of marines lined up on hill. You roll 12 on the 3D6 and draw a line over the unit 12” long. It passes over 7 Marines, so you take 7 S10 ap 1 hits! 

Yes, that’s what I said 7 Hits, not Shots but hits. You don’t roll to hit if the line passes over you, your hit. Now you still have to remove the targets nearest to the firing model as per normal rules. But let face it with S10 AP1, your going lose most of the 7 Marines. At S10 AP 1 it will make a mess of ‘mech too. Evan Land raiders will worry about this one.

The one disadvantage of the weapon is that it can’t hit fliers. That was FAQ’d.

So how broken is it?

Let’s take our poor Marine unit. Let’s help them out and put a building in front of them. Safe I here you say? Well, No. all I need to do as a Necron play is put first target point within 12” anywhere on the Battlefield, roll me 3D6 choose my end point and the shoot is fired. I firmly believe that you should be able to see the first and 2nd targets point, but the rules don’t make that clear, the 2nd Target point can be behind our building and the poor old marines get hit, despite the fact that the Building is blocking LOS!  They will get the Cove save, but still hitting a unit you can’t see is a bit harsh.

Lets try something a bit braver. The Marines have charged the nearest unit of warriors. Safe in Combat you may think? Sadley not despite the core rules saying you can’t shoot into combat, this can! The rules say that you can’t shoot units locked in combat. But the Deathray does not do this. Its firing at its target point. If it passes over a unit then that unit is hit. You don’t randomise, any model it passes over gets hit. So our brave Marines are fighting 20 Warriors, but are lined up nicely on one line, a clever player may still hit more marines than Warriors. And with the Regen rolls any necron Player will risk the hits anyway. You get to roll before the combat is fought. (end of each subphase)

As you can see this weapon is nasty and in the wrong, evil metal skeletal hands, it is so broken. At 175 pts the Doomscythe is expensive, but not that much. Alongside the Deathray you get a Twin linked Tesla Destructor. So it’s a good buy. Facing any army with 3 is scary. But what are the ways to comb at it? Does it have any flaws?

Well as a marine player as well a Necron player, I think it is flawed and can be beat with some ease if you plan for it. I also think that if you know what your opp is lightly to use and your fail to plan, then as the say in the old pink duck in handhold city “you’re gonna die.” (Douglas Adams Quote) Here are my basic ideas.

Deployment and model craft*

I have had such fun shooting up neat rows of Marines. If you want to line up like soldiers on parade, well you asking for a Deathray to the face. When facing Deathray, stagger your units and remember the tesla rule of 7. Never, ever put 2 units within 7” of another unit, the arc rules alone will make a mess on that. This also reduces the impact of this weapon. Lets go back to our poor old marines. If the deply in a 2 rows, 2” apart, with every marine 2” away from a squad member, the maximum hits is 5. Cleaver deployments can reduce this to 4. You just save 2 or 3 Marines from the Death Ray. If you Combat squad them, this drops to a max of 3. That’s saved another one! And yes when the Tesla Speaks, you will lose the whole Combat Squad. That’s still better than losing the whole squad.

The same applies to all aspects of deployment. ‘castling’ up your tanks behind a big unit of troops won’t stop a flier from slicing you to buts. You need to spread out!

*model craft, my term for how you deploy, position, move and control your models


The Deathray is a Short ranged weapon. It’s got to get close to the action.  Use this. If you can get in close to his troops with some nasty units, always a good plan when facing Necrons, then the flier’s minimum range is a major factor. Personally, I like the old Rhino Rush. Deploy up close to the deployment zone, turn 1 Flat out and your now around 6” from your Opp deployment Zone.  Turn 2 get out, now up you’re in the Deployment zone and ready to blow the crap out of the necrons. Even if your Ride is wrecked, when you get out, you’re already in the opp’s deployment Zone! When the Flier arrives in turn 2 (lets not mess things up with C’tan shards and their shenanigans) they will pass straight over your troops by turn 3. So your assault troops will only take 1 Deathray hit. Orks can do this better than most, but Dark elder wytches are awesome at this too.

Exploit its rules

The Deathray can’t snap fire. (Any weapon that does not use BS to hit can’t snap fire (main rulebook p 13) so make it Jink! That stops the hits from the Ray. Ok, the Tesla will still mess things up. The Deathray also can’t fire at flyers, so the SM Talon is a must, again think about its range and turning radius. The New Tau flier has turret mounted weapons, as does the Talon, Raven and Thunderhawk. The Doomscythe does not. Use this to your adavantage.


Still surprised about the lack of AA I see. The imperial troops have 2 awesome units. The Motis Dread (and the even better Contemptor Mortis) and the Hydra at 75 pts this is a stunning weapon that scares the crap out of me. The Weapons all have a range 4 times greater than the Deathray. Clever deployment (near to the Front line, but in cover) can cover the entire battle front. As the Hydra comes in a squad of 3 for 225 pts, this is a no brainer. (Oh, and GW are releasing a plastic one soon!) As more 6th ed codex come out, I am sure the AA flakk will increase! Take it, use it, and take back the skies!

So that’s my thoughts. I do think the weapon is broken. Here how I would love to see it change.

1-it causes a number of shots compared to the number of models that it hits. You roll to hit as normal.

2-Any hits in to combat are randomised.

3-You must be able to see both Target points. Any model you can’t see, can’t be hit.

However, I also think some of the fault lies with the Victims. If you don’t plan for this weapon, don’t moan about getting your arse handed to you on a plate. The Necron force is not like fighting orks. If you’re not changing your list,   expect to lose. They are a unique opponent that will test your normal approaches. The Deathray proves that. You have to play clever or die. 

Until next time, see you across the battle table.

The Random musings of an Ultramarine Player

So for years I have bemoaned the use of special character is small games of warhammer 40,000. I am reading the ‘fall of damnos’ book at the moment and it maybe softening my views a bit.

The story is that of the 2nd company of the ultramarines (the ones that I am painting) led by Cato sicrius and assisted by tigirius the chief librarian. These 100 marines drop into the centre of a necron tombworld and have to fight from the start to gain a foot hold on the world of Damnos. The imperial citizens of the world look to the marines as saviours, but the marines are more focused on the destruction of the necrons.

This is the second of the ‘spacemarine battle books’ I have read. The other was ‘rynns world’ an ork vs crimson fist book.

Now it’s fair to say that the black librarian books are not the most challenging to read and are not likely to Win the man booker prize, but they are what they are, great books by great authors on a subject that the readers love. the spacemarine battle books are written as the game is played and are fast paced books that flow from skirmish to skirmish. They flesh out the units from the game and the rules, like pinning and cover saves. Each books looks a Famous battle from a particular chapter.

So back to my original point, should we use the unique characters in a small game. I still feel that the answer is no, but this book has some great examples to prove me wrong. In one chapter the captian leads 3 tactical squads into a necron war cell cloaked by a cloak of darkness. It describes what in game turns would be a short game, but is really well paced and is a great piece of writing from nick kyme. This sort of scenario is where a named character in a small game would be great. I this case rather than just a straight game, you could recreate the game. Played as night fight game, with the necrons just using wraiths and a single lord tooled up as the stormbringer.

These unique games can be great fun and are a great use of the characters. I feel this is the point of the spacemarine battle books. To inspire games and to relive the glories of the books. A lot of the younger gamers seem to miss this part of the hobby. It’s not all about the most powerful unit or the best army. It’s not even about the winning or the losing it’s about the game. This is wargamming as roleplay or re enactment. I love this style of game and it why I play ultramarines. Well, it one of the many reasons any way. this style of game harks back to the 3rd and 4th editions of the game. I know that the 6th will be more hobby focused. I hope it wrecks the meta game for more of a cinematic feel. The best out come will be a game that can be both, but that’s unlikely. Lots of changes in the rules are about the change of this or the addition of that, we should be asking will it make the game more of wargame and less of Board game focused on what you take. I want to see the game flow, the cinematic moments of a lord vs captain  hordes of orks not covering under a force bubble carried by a mek, I want to the wolves in a feral charge, the angles descending from
Heaven and slamming in to the alien horde, lead not by the lord of death, but by a captian of the lesser orders. Maybe even, a fun grey knight army lead by an unnamed chapter master and with out any henchmen. Or is that asking to much. In the end what I want is for wargamming to be a fun way to spend an afternoon with some friends and then a hearty discussion at the pub. Is that too much too ask?

Anyway it time for me to add the 2nd company and to build on the legend of the heroes of Damnos. See you at the wrong end of a bolter!