1500pts necrons vs marines

So today I face an army of codex space marines. This is a leauge game and I am defending my top spot. My opponent is adam smith, who is a good gamer. He plays many games and is a ww2 buff.

Today’s game will be brought to you by the letter C and the colour green.  I am using my C’tan shard.  I have choosen 2 expensive options,  but with a clear plan in mind.


The grand illusion is my opening salvo. This power allows you to change the deployment of D3 units after deployment is finished. It can be used to to put squads into reserve and to pull the out of reserve.  To be very cheesy,  I intend to pull my flyers out of reserve.  If they can kill more than 40pts in the first turn, then the power has paid for its self. With the death ray and 2 Tesla destructors this is relatively easy.

Second power is the infamous gaze of death. I know Adam loves his terminators. This power is used after close combat. Placing a large blast template after combat has been resolved it causes 1 s3 AP1 wound on every model touched.  Every wound caused regenerates a wound on the c’tan shard. At 50 points its the most expensive power, but can kill a lot of heavily armored troops. One trick to note with the C’tan is that as well as being a monstrous creature,  they are also a character so can be challenged.   The plan is to get him into combat with the terminators,  challenge the squad leader. Killing him will be easy with a s7 mc with 4 attacks I4, and then decimate the squad with the GoD.  By challenging they rest of the squad cant attack him!

So that’s the plan for the C’tan.  At a whooping 275 pts he is very pricey, but comes with some serious cheese. Here is the full army list that I am Taking.

Necron Overlord: Phaeron; warscythe; mindshackle scarabs; sempiternal weave; resurrection orb. 215
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of the Storm (lightning field).

C’tan Shard: Grand Illusion; Gaze of Death. 275

12 Necron Warriors 256
• Night Scythe
12 Necron Warriors 156

3 Necron Destroyers: heavy gauss cannon140
3 Necron Destroyers 120
5 Canoptek Scarabs 75

Annihilation Barge: gauss cannon. 90
Doom Scythe 175

1,502 points

I will post a battle report later, until then, see you across the table.


1500 Necron Vs Imperial Guard

So I have fought the Imperial guard again with fledgling Necron Force. We fought this game at the new SHADOW GAMES in Rugby. I fought against Matt Hughes a friend from the Rugby Outlanders Club. This was friendly game with neither of us having fought each other’s army.  For Matt this was also his first experience of the Necrons. While I don’t go for the power gaming list, I did take a wide list, including 2 flyers and my A-Barge.

My List

Overlord with a Cryptek (storm)

10 Deathmarks

24 Warriors in 2 Squads, one in a Night Scythe



5 Scarabs

8 Destroyers

His List (from Memory)

Primus Psyker

20 Vets (carapace)

Battle Psyker Squad

2 Leman Russ

1 Punisher


Scout Sentinel

Guards man Marbo

My plan

I stuck my standard Plan. Its not all that complex.  Blast away with the Destroyers, 12 warriors and the A-Barge. Wait for the Fliers and then disassemble his army. In the Night Scythe is 12 Warriors, the Crypteck and the Lord sweep in drop near to any tanks and blast the crap out of them! Now, the Crypteck with Harbinger of the storm is a great way to kill tanks. His Voltaic staff is an assault 4 Haywire!

Mission, Set up and pre rolls

We rolled for mission and Set up and first turn. The mission was ‘Big Guns never tire’ played as Dawn of War. We both rolled on to the Warlord table, and promptly forget the result. I won the first turn and Set up to in a long line. The A-barge was in the centre, Scarabs and 4 Destroyers to the right.  To left I deployed 12 warriors with the last 4 Destroyers inc the Heavy Destroyer to the far left.

In reply he split his forces. 10 vets and his Battle Psykers took up a centre. With all his tanks, the rest of the Vets and the Primus Psyker.

In reserve was both my Fliers, 10 Deathmarks and for him, it was the Valkyrie, Marbo and his scout Sentinel. He tried to get the first turn, but he failed. Sadly it was not the last dice roll to let him down this game.

Turn one

Turn one was relatively easy for me. I advanced the whole force and Blasted away. End of the turn I saw the death of 10 Guards. In reply it saw him blast away 6 Warriors.  It should be said, the blasted away like mad. The A-barge caught a Manticore blast to the face, losing a single Hull point. All his other shots had little effect. Yet again the A barge proved its strength.  He made a bad mistake when the A-barg hit his Vets to the Left. 3 were killed but when I asked if the Primus Psyker was attached to the Squad, he said No and therefor he took the Arc hits that killed him. I got the Slay the Warlord.

Turn 2

And the Imperial Army Just died. The arrival of the Necron fliers often has this effect. My Necrons all advanced, the Scarabs moved into charge range of the remaining Vets in the centre the Destroyers moved in range as well. The A-barge took up an objective, we rolled ion the mysterious objective and got Skyfire array! Result!!!!! Warriors deployed from the Nightscythe. He was surprised by how quick the Necrons were. By now he was fully engaged in signing up to I hate Matt Ward Clubs. The Destroyers on the Left popped off more shots on the Tanks. The Tank took the brunt of my fliers. The Manticore died as did one of the Leman Russ.  All the Psykers all died by shooting. As did another 8 Vets. In return his Valk turned up. He blasted away at the A-barge. Yet again the thing held on. The Skimmer past its Save for moving. Marbo turned up and killed off the Warriors in the centre of the Board. With Marbo’s arrival the Hunters from Hyperspace arrived and Marked by the Snipers. By now the level of power coming from him was reduced. He tried very hard to kill off the second Warrior squad, but failed.


Turn 3

By now the writing was on the wall, in very big letters. The Valk, the last Leman and all the Vets were dead. Only his Sent and the punisher remained by the end of the Necron 3rd Turn. At this point he decided to throw in the towel.

End of Days

The game ended with a clear Necron domination. The guard army crumbled from turn 2 and it was over to soon. I think I few things lead to this outcome.

1-The Necron Codex is a bit busted. The Fliers, if you are not ready for them, will make such a mess. The deathray is not a well written rule. It too powerful and accurate

2-His List was man light. I was able kill off most of his troops with some ease. To fight Necrons, you need to be able to soak up the fire power. For me, I go with a couple of 40 man squad with the Comm squad 7” away.

3- His tanks are too expensive in a small game. Their death was predictable if you don’t know about necrons.

4-The Tesla is very difficult to fight if you don’t know the rules. You need to be careful with your deployment and keep 7” away.

5- A clear plan will always wins over good idea. My clear plan while writing the list and a solid delivery of the plan allowed me dominate the game. To be fair he was trying out new units and his list reflected this.

Again for me, the man of the Battle goes to the A-Barg. Not only did it survive the game, but it killed the Valk and Battle Psykers.

I am now planning my next game and I have a secret Project to sort out. I am hoping to get something special for the next fight against the Imperial Guard, this time it will be in the Zone mortalis board at Warhammer World.

As always, see you Across the Table soon.